Lurgi develops MTP process for methanol to propylene

Lurgi developed the MTP process for methanol to propylene. First, natural gas is used to produce syngas by self-thermal conversion and methanol is produced using a combined converter methanol synthesis technology. MTP is then used to produce propylene from propylene.
The MTP technology for methanol to propylene uses fixed-bed catalytic reactors and high-performance zeolite catalysts, with high selectivity, low coking, and low propane yields. The process flow is as follows: Methanol is first introduced into a dimethyl ether (DME) pre-reactor, and a highly active, highly selective catalyst is used, in which methanol is converted into DME and water. Methanol/water/DME enters the first MTP reactor and adds steam. The conversion of methanol/DME is as high as 99% and propylene is the main product. Additional reactions were performed in the second and third MTP reactors. After the product was dehydrated, CO2 and DME, the purity of propylene was more than 97%. MTP process operating conditions are: slightly high pressure (0.13~0.16MPa), steam 0.5~1.0kg/kg methanol, reactor inlet temperature 400~450°C.
For the methanol/MTP combined plant, the feed was 5000 t/d methanol (166.7 million t/a) and 519,000 t/a of propylene was produced. The Luqi MTP medium-sized device has been operating for more than 4,000 hours and the verification device was also put into operation at the end of 2001.

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