Nissan Million Clinker Development Project

The only state-level major technical equipment development project in the building materials industry during the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, and the "15th Five-Year" major technological equipment development project of the State Economic and Trade Commission - the new dry process production technology and complete equipment development project for 10,000 tons of cement clinker per day. start up. The start of this project marks that China's cement industry has the ability to innovate and develop to a higher level.
In the large-scale development trend of foreign cement industry and China's environment with energy saving, consumption reduction, environmental protection, quality improvement, and sustainable development, a new dry process production process and complete sets of equipment for daily production of 10,000 tons of cement clinker has been developed. The typical significance of being in line with international standards is once again an examination of the quality of our cement industry team and the review of our strength. After the completion of the project, it will be one of the largest domestic and international cement production lines. It will represent the highest level of China's new dry process technology and will comprehensively upgrade China's new dry process technology with a daily production capacity of 5,000 tons or less.
The State Economic and Trade Commission approved the project feasibility study report. The project was hosted by Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute and was jointly organized and implemented by Anhui Conch Group. Tianjin Cement Institute has strong technical strength and rich experience in new dry methods. It has independently developed a dozen of production lines with a daily output of 5,000 tons. Conch Group is a cement industry-based industry and currently the largest building material manufacturer group in China. The implementation of the project will involve some equipment manufacturing and development units within the United Nations, giving full play to the overall advantages of various industries and achieving a high starting point and high level. The development work will be completed by 2005.
The research project is based on a large-scale domestically-manufactured equipment and relies on a 10,000-tonnece cement clinker production line proposed by Anhui Conch Group and other powerful companies. The project development content is to develop new dry process production technology for 10,000 tons of cement clinker per day, to develop key equipment such as raw material preparation and homogenization equipment, precalciner kiln calcining equipment, cement grinding equipment, production automation control system, and a total of 5 topics. 14 topics. The development topics will be combined with the bidding and procurement of user equipment.
This project is of positive significance to enhancing the export of cement technology and equipment in China, and promoting related industries, especially the mechanical processing industry, to expand overseas. In particular, it promotes the progress of China's entire new dry process production technology and changes the existing unreasonable cement industry structure. It is of important practical significance.

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