Full-automatic paper mold outer sizing coating production line come out

China Light Industry Hangzhou Mechanical and Electrical Design and Research Institute and Zhejiang Kewei Light Industry Development Co., Ltd. have developed a fully automatic pulp molding external coating spraying production line. The production line is designed to reduce the cost of pulp molded products, improve the oil resistance and waterproof performance of the products, and improve the shelf life of packaged foods.
According to the introduction, the placement, spraying and drying of the paper product line of the production line can be carried out automatically without human intervention. The spraying emulsion has low cost and utilization rate of 100%, uniform film formation and high speed. The production line adopts imported microcomputer control, Nissan 6 Thousands, 2 operators are required, installed capacity is 12KW, and air supply pressure is 4-6kg/cm2.

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