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It is reported that Mr. Sergey Haberfeld, chairman of the World Packaging Organization, will visit China soon and will visit the Chinese shopping malls to inspect the status quo of China's packaging industry. This reporter immediately conducted a "scan" at the Beijing shopping mall. See what Mr. Hubbardfield will see?
Seeing the progress of China's packaging industry The rapid development of China's economy has promoted the rapid progress of our packaging industry. We believe Mr. Hubbardfield’s belief in the packaging of goods in shopping malls will be more convincing. The wide application of paper, plastics, glass, metal and composite packaging materials, and the adoption of various advanced, high-grade, and precision packaging technologies have made the level of Chinese commodity packaging gradually approaching international standards, and some even rival the international advanced level.
Walking into the supermarket, we placed a corrugated paper shelf on the front and placed coordinated decorations on the shelves. These corrugated paper shelves are provided by the manufacturers of the stacked products. The products and display shelves together form beautiful shapes and patterns, which enhance the customer's impression of the products and make the seemingly ordinary corrugated cardboard play a role in beautifying the goods. This kind of display stand is deeply favored by suppliers and shopping malls. It not only highlights the individuality of the product, but also meets the requirements of the main products of the business, and solves the contradiction that the form of the store shelves is single and cannot be adapted to local conditions. At the same time, this is also a successful diversification of the functional diversity of corrugated board as a long-term transport packaging material.
In the packaging of various wine and beverage products, reel-type shrink labels are widely used. Whether in glass bottles or in metal (aluminum, iron) cans, the application of shrink labels has greatly improved the insufficient printing of these two materials. Exquisite defects, compared with the traditional ring-shaped bottle label, shrink labels significantly improve the quality of goods. This advanced packaging technology has been popular in the world in recent years, and the application field has spread to the labels of sauces, soups, snacks, and skin care products and medicines. It seems that some of our product packaging levels can be called internationally. First class.
The glass originally occupied an important position in the cosmetics packaging. This time, a cosmetics counter in the shopping mall was strolling. It was felt that the glass had lost its former dominance and felt that the plastic packaging material was greatly improved in the process and technology, making its imitation glass packaging The shape almost reached the point where it was real. One is the transparency of imitation glass, and the other is the matte effect of imitation glass. We have found that almost all domestic and foreign brands of skin care products and make-up packaging have quietly changed packaging materials. According to the sales lady, all products replaced by plastic packaging have reduced the cost compared with the original glass packaging products, and at the same time overcome the fragile problem of glass packaging in the transportation process, and the entire package also appears to be lighter. Deeply loved by consumers. This shows that packaging is for goods, and the final expression of packaging value must be based on the premise that consumers can accept the price of goods. At this point, the producers of goods are the most clear. This is why many related industries consider reducing the cost of product packaging whenever they consider reducing the cost of products. I wonder what Mr. Hubbardfeld thinks.
Seeing the development of the packaging industry in China The progress of the packaging industry in China is felt by anyone everywhere. As the chairman of the World Packaging Organization, Mr. Hubbarfield must be much stronger than the short-term experience of our reporters in the mall. The big market in China is favored by people in the global economy. After China's accession to the WTO, the market will be more complete and open, and the development space of China's packaging industry will be broader. Mr. Hubbarfield will undoubtedly see this.
With a large number of foreign products flowing into China's shopping malls, exquisite foreign packaging has also placed on China's shelves. This time the "scanning" of the shopping malls also made us obviously feel the gap between our packaging and foreign packaging. One of the most prominent is: people-oriented packaging. The reporter saw in the supermarket that the drinks produced in Japan and the United States have used 163 ml of small aluminum two-piece cans. Compared with the 355 ml canned drinks that are common in our market, the small packaging is even more beautiful. I believe this can be pocket-packed. Drinks are more attractive to women and children. The emergence of such packaging fully embodies the purpose of packaging different goods for different kinds of people. Another human-oriented package found by reporters is the "cookie cutter" package for the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.
For this kind of food, our own manufacturers mostly use large square or large round iron boxes, and although their packaging also uses tinplate, they are significantly more than our packaging both in terms of the exquisite degree of printing and appearance. The change makes people love it. In particular, they carefully designed the packaging to be used as a pen holder, a piggy bank, a pencil box, a makeup box, etc. after enjoying the perfect food. This kind of packaging is designed to be used as another product at the same time. In the marketplace, it is much smarter to buy one, get one, and send. It seems that in order to keep pace with the development of the Chinese economy, the packaging industry still has a lot of work to do. We would like to say to our colleagues in the industry that we have a long way to go.
Before Mr. Hubbardfield came to China, we rushed to write this draft. After writing, we found that shopping malls were the most concentrated display place for packaging products and the most accurate barometer for the packaging market. As a journalist of the packaging industry news media, we must grasp the pulse of the development of the industry. Shopping malls should be a place we often visit. We are grateful to Mr. Hubbardfield for letting us understand this profoundly.

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