Interpretation of dehumidifier dehumidification principle recommended brand dehumidifier

As the temperature rises in spring, there is more rainfall and precipitation, especially for the south. When the weather is "back to the south", the furniture will become moldy in wet weather, and it is also a threat to human health. At this time, the dehumidifier can help a lot. Oh! So how does the dehumidifier dehumidify? In this issue, the editor will explain the working principle of the dehumidifier to you in detail, and there are recommended high-quality dehumidifiers. Let's understand together.

1. Principle of dehumidifier dehumidification

1. The electroosmosis dehumidifier utilizes a pulsed magnetic field generated by an electromagnetic pulse generator, which is generated by the microprocessor's controller electronics with the help of a ring-shaped coil. This magnetic field can rearrange the water molecules and move them down into the soil, which solves the problem of wall moisture from the root.

2. The runner type dehumidifier uses the silica gel coated on the dehumidifying wheel to physically adsorb the moisture in the air on the silica gel. Then, in the regeneration area of ​​the runner, the moisture adsorbed on the silica gel is heated and vaporized through heat exchange The high temperature and high humidity air is formed at the inlet of the heater, and then dew is formed in the heat exchanger and discharged.

Second, install a practical area to buy a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are also a practical option for protecting home appliances in wet weather. Do not choose the dehumidifier blindly as big as possible, suitable for indoor use. Generally, the size of about 16 liters / day is enough for small families. At the same time, the dehumidifier should pay attention to its working noise and choose products with strong mute ability. .

In addition, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner is also very effective in the spring.

3. Shopping guide for brand dehumidifier

Panasonic dehumidifier F-YCL27C, the machine is equipped with a variety of dehumidification functions, suitable for different people and occasions, the machine is equipped with automatic detection of air temperature and humidity function, auxiliary drying at the same time, multiple filters to help purify the air Widely comfortable. The dehumidifier has seven levels of different humidity settings and ten safety designs to ensure wide and convenient use.

Appearance details:

The overall appearance of the dehumidifier is the stitching effect of white and metal texture. The shape is simple and stylish. The air inlet is located at the back of the machine, the upper front is the air outlet, and the lower part is the water tank. The overall weight of the dehumidifier is large, so the bottom is equipped with a pulley, which is convenient for free movement in the room and very user-friendly.

The design of the air outlet and operation panel of the dehumidifier. The air outlet is located above the front of the dehumidifier and can be opened at multiple angles to achieve 105 ° wide-angle air supply. The user can adjust the direction of the fan blade according to the needs, especially suitable for dry clothes. The dehumidifier adopts mechanical button design and is located on the top of the machine. It includes various menu options such as wind type, wind direction, air volume, timing, humidity setting and function selection.

The water tank of the dehumidifier is located at the lower part of the machine and can be easily drawn out. The capacity of the water tank is up to 5 liters. It can hold a large amount of water vapor. It also reduces the water pouring cycle of the water tank and is convenient for maintenance.

Boot experience:

Turn on the dehumidifier, the fan blades open to enter the automatic dehumidification state, the dehumidifier automatically detects and displays the current indoor humidity. As can be seen from the panel display, the machine includes automatic dehumidification, moisturizing, continuous dehumidification and air supply four-block function selection, automatic, rapid, standard and silent four-block wind speed selection, as well as diffusion, concentration and wave three wind output The choice of methods, users can match the dehumidification mode according to their own needs, more suitable for different dehumidification occasions.

In the silent, standard and rapid three-speed air supply mode, the wind speed at the air outlet is measured to be 3.24m / s, 4.3m / s and 5.87m / s, respectively. The wind speed at the air outlet is very large, which also ensures the full entry and indoor air. Circulation, the dehumidifier can process and purify a large amount of humid air in a unit time, and increase the dehumidification efficiency.

Place the noise meter at a position about 1m away from the dehumidifier and measure the ambient noise at different wind speeds. You can see that the initial ambient noise in the room is 48dB. In silent mode, the ambient noise is 48.4dB, and the standard wind speed is 49.3dB. Until the noise rises to 53.1 decibels in the rapid mode, the environmental noise is stable and there is almost no significant change under small air volume, and the dehumidifier works silently with excellent performance.

practical work:

Next, let's experience the actual working effect of the dehumidifier. Turn on the dehumidifier in a room of about 30 square meters. The detection shows that the current humidity in the room is 52%. Automatic dehumidification is set, and the air outlet of the dehumidifier is directed to a wet sleeve. Start working at the same time.

After the dehumidifier has been running continuously for 1 hour, the indoor humidity drops to 42%, and the tuyere sweeps the fabric all the time. In a room temperature environment of only about 10 degrees, the fabric is obviously dry after 1 hour, and the dark wet area is so shallow that it almost looks No, only a little wet feeling. The dehumidifier is equipped with econavi intelligent technology, which can automatically detect the humidity and temperature in the air, and operate or automatically stop according to the number of clothes and predict the dry state, effectively achieving further energy saving. The three clothes buttons under the green light represent the degree of drying of the clothes. When the drying is completed, the lights will automatically turn off.

At the same time, we also measured the power consumption capacity of the dehumidifier. During the entire evaluation process, the dehumidifier operated for 182 minutes and the power consumption was about 0.27 degrees. During this entire process, the dehumidifier reduced the indoor humidity of about 30 square meters from 50%. To 40%, and effectively maintain this level, the entire process of low power consumption, suitable for daily use.

After one week of use of the dehumidifier, the water level of the water tank is about 1/5 of the height of the water tank. The large-capacity water tank provided by the dehumidifier can fully meet the daily dehumidification needs, and the effective replacement and maintenance cycle is very convenient.

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