Breaking down the strange faults in the use of the top 12 3D printers

In the process of using 3D printers, we often encounter many problems, which may make us dizzy. The following editors sorted out some common faults of 3D printers and shared them with everyone:

1. Fill rate is set to 100%, and solid objects cannot be printed

The solid and hollow of the graphics are not related to the fill rate, and the ones that are solid are solid.

2. Cannot print solid objects

The solid model and the hollow are not related to the printing software. It is based on the graphics drawn by yourself. The solid model is solid, and the hollow model is hollow.

3. How to deal with the nozzle clogging and unable to produce silk

First check whether the distance between the print head and the bottom plate is not suitable.

Dredge the nozzle first (Note: The new nozzle must never use a wrench to enter the nozzle, just heat the nozzle to 230 ° residue will automatically flow out).

At the same time, check whether the gear of the extruder motor and the motor shaft follow. If there is too much powder in the motor gear, it should be cleaned together.

Check whether the spacing between the nozzles is too small, re-calibrate the platform, and also consider increasing the printing temperature by 5-10 degrees.

It is important to note that after the nozzle is cleared, the platform must be recalibrated. Because when the nozzle is squeezed with a wrench, the position of the nozzle may be shifted downward, resulting in a smaller and smaller platform spacing. The platform spacing is too small, when printing, the wire will be blocked again!

4. There is sintering and wire drawing at the top of the model during printing

Set the parameters when printing, reduce the temperature of the nozzle by 5-10 degrees, the speed of the nozzle can be adjusted to 80, and the speed of the nozzle is changed to 100.

5. The printing cannot be formed, and the silk-like ramen spit out

This situation shows that the distance between the print head and the bottom plate platform is too large. Please recalibrate the platform.

6. During the printing process, the machine's display screen is garbled, or the screen is blank, and there is no content to display?

If there is no problem with the model being printed, please do nothing and let the printer continue printing. After printing, please turn off, and then turn on, it will return to normal. This may be caused by the absence of a ground wire (connected to the ground wire) in the power supply line connected to the printer indoors. You can consider moving the machine to a room where the ground wire is connected to the normal one. There may also be a flower screen caused by dry weather and static electricity. This has no effect on the machine itself. If there is an error in printing the model when the screen is spent, shut down directly and restart the machine.

7. No filament is ejected from the nozzle, the filament is pushed down by hand

First, take off the thread, heat the nozzle to 230 degrees to clean the nozzle. When the nozzle temperature reaches 230, the residue will automatically flow out. Then check whether the gear of the motor is worn due to long-term use of the gear. If the gear is worn, consider replacing the motor gear .

8. After the nozzle enters the wire, it makes a loud noise

Abnormal noise caused by the material wire is not inserted, withdraw the material wire, check whether there is broken wire in the motor gear, clean it and re-enter the wire.

9. X axis misalignment occurs after printing half

First confirm whether it is offline or online printing, offline printing situation:

The printing model is misaligned: (1) The motor line or belt is defective, and (2) The motor line or switch line signal is disturbed.

It is recommended to print a few different models to see, if not, replace the new line, generally check whether the motor cable plug and belt are loose, check the end, and then print the model to see, if it still does not work, you can consider replacing the new line.

Online: It may be affected by abnormal communication, such as sudden interruption of communication.

10. The operation panel keys fail

Restart the printer first (unplug the power cord, plug it in, and then turn it on). After a few seconds, you should hear a 5-6 second ringtone. If you hear the ringtone, it means the machine can start normally. Try again. Operation buttons. If you can't hear the ringtone when you turn it on, it means that the machine has not started normally. At this time, you can try to press the small black round reset button on the right side of the printer to reset the system.

If you can't start the machine normally, provide a new motherboard to replace it; if you can't solve it, please contact customer service to return to the factory for repair.

11. The printer fails to start, the display shows two rows of barcodes

Restart the printer (unplug the power cord, plug it in, and turn it on) to see if it returns to normal? If not, press the small black reset button on the right side of the printer to reset the system.

12. During the printing process, the display shows NA, then the printer stops working

First, it is shown that NA is caused by the inability of the nozzle to heat. You can check whether the plug of the heater line of the lower nozzle is loose. If it still fails to heat, you can contact the after-sales to do a comprehensive inspection of the heating line for professional documents. You need to replace the nozzle heating wire.


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