How much is a square meter of gypsum board partition: New wall fire retardant is the key

Gypsum board is a material made of building gypsum as the main raw material. It is a building material with light weight, high strength, thin thickness, convenient processing, good performance of sound insulation and fire protection, etc. It is one of the new lightweight plates currently focused on development. Gypsum board has been widely used in interior partition walls, wall cladding panels (instead of wall plastering layers), ceilings, sound-absorbing panels, ground base panels and various buildings of various buildings such as houses, offices, shops, hotels and industrial plants. Kinds of decorative boards, etc. The advantage of using gypsum board as a wall is that it has a relatively light weight and is easy to disassemble. If you do n’t want it in the future, you can remove it without damaging other walls. So what is the construction technology of gypsum board partition? How much is one square meter for gypsum board partition ? Many owners will choose to use gypsum board as the distance, so here is the relevant information about the construction request for gypsum board distance and how much is one square meter of gypsum board partition . I hope to help friends who have needs in this regard!

Construction technology of gypsum board partition

1. Operating conditions

(1) The main structure and indoor plastering have been completed, passed the inspection and acceptance by the relevant departments, and have gone through the handover procedures.

(2) According to the material preparation plan, feed all the materials of the partition at one time to make them complete and tidy.

2. Construction operation process

(1) According to the design drawings, release the partition line and the edge of the door opening on the completed wall, floor and ground.

(2) According to the design drawing and actual size, use a grinding wheel cutting machine to cut the keel and sort and stack them.

(3) Fix the keel along the ground on the floor of the building with shot nails or expansion bolts according to the line of the cut off position and the edge of the door hole. The distance between the shot nails and the expansion bolts is 600mm. Extend the along the top keel into the reserved hole of the wall by 100mm, and then use cement mortar to plug and fix it, or use shot nails and expansion bolts to fix the treated along the top keel on the wall.

(4) According to the partition position line and the edge of the door hole, arrange the plates according to the size of the grade, and draw on the keel along the ground and along the top. The ones with insufficient modulus should be arranged at the position of the first plate where the partition is in contact with the wall.

(5) Insert the pre-cut length vertical keels into the grooves along the ground and the top keel in sequence according to the mark of division, with the flange facing the direction of the panel to be installed. After adjusting the vertical and positioning accurately, fix it with rivets. The vertical keel near the wall is fixed on the wall with shot nails or expansion bolts, and the distance between shot nails or expansion bolts is 1m.

(6) Install the reinforced keels of the door and window openings: first install the vertical reinforcing keels on both sides of the opening, then install the upper and lower horizontal reinforcing keels, and finally install the upper and lower reinforcing keels and diagonal braces on both sides of the large opening.

(7) Install through truss keel and support card. Support the vertical keels so that the entire partition keel has sufficient strength and rigidity.

(8) Install paper plasterboard.

1) Check whether the installation quality of the keel meets the design and construction requirements, and whether the keel spacing meets the width modulus of the plasterboard on paper.

2) Starting from the doorway, the partition without a door hole from one end of the partition to the other end, covering the surface of the keel one by one from the bottom to the top, so that the gypsum board is horizontal and vertical, with electric self-tapping screws The gun is screwed and fixed by self-tapping screws. The nail distance between the four sides is 200mm, the middle nail distance is 300mm, the distance between the screw and the side of the gypsum board is 10∽15mm, the end surface of the nail head should be slightly buried in the board surface, and the nail hole should be smoothed with plaster putty. Open the hole after sealing the board.

3) Install electrical pipes, wires, electrical boxes and electrical boxes in the wall.

4) Install the gypsum board on the other side of the keel, and install the fireproof and moisture-proof filler in the partition. The gypsum boards on both sides of the keel should be staggered and the joints should not fall on the same keel.

(9) Board seam treatment

5) Roll a perforated paper tape into a round bar of the size of the plasterboard seam and embed it in the seam, recessed by 1mm from the board surface.

6) Flatten with a thin putty, then paste 60∽80mm wide perforated paper tape, scrape it flat and compact it with a spatula.

7) Approve the putty a second time, the thickness should not exceed 0.5mm, and it should be wider than the side of the joint by 100mm. After the putty is dried, smooth it with a zero-sized sandpaper.

8) Gypsum board surface treatment: After the installation of the gypsum board is completed and the board seam is processed, the oiler will flatten the nail holes of the self-tapping screws, and then put the putty on the entire partition wall twice, drying and polishing the first pass After the second batch of approval, and then smooth and smooth with No. 0 sandpaper, the paint can be sprayed according to the drawings.

3. Construction considerations

(1) Light steel keel gypsum board partitions, connectors, nailing accessories and other non-anticorrosive surfaces shall be painted with anti-rust paint.

(2) The reserved hole connecting the top keel and the wall should be reserved according to the drawings when the main masonry is built, and it must not be forgotten or displaced.

(3) During construction, a gap of 3mm should be left around, and partitions longer than 12m should be used as control joints.

There are many types of ceilings, such as wooden ceilings, aluminum alloy keel ceilings, etc. The installation process of each ceiling is different. The light steel keel gypsum board ceiling is different from the aluminum alloy ceiling installation process.

1. Process flow:

Spring wire— → Install big keel boom— → Install big keel— → Install middle keel— → Install small keel— → Install cover cotton plate— → Install bead— → Apply anti-rust paint

2. Spring line:

According to the floor elevation line, use the ruler vertical vector to the top [shed design elevation, along the wall, around the column to bounce the ceiling elevation, and along the ceiling elevation line, draw a dividing position line on the wall.

3. Install the big keel boom:

After playing the ceiling level line and the keel position line, determine the elevation of the lower end of the boom, and connect the end of the boom with no bolts to the embedded rigid bars of the floor according to the position of the big keel and the hanging distance.

4. Install the big keel:

â‘ . Equipped with boom nut.

â‘¡. The hanger is pre-installed on the big keel.

â‘¢. Install the big keel: Put the big keel of the hanger into the hanger nut according to the position of the dividing line, and tighten the nut.

â‘£. Big keel connection: install the connecting piece, adjust the elevation and straighten the cable.

⑤. Attach a large keel to the opening, and install a connection card according to the corresponding node structure of the atlas.

â‘¥. The fixed side keel is fixed by shooting nails. When the design is not required, the shooting nail spacing is 1000mm.

5. Install the keel:

â‘ . Press the middle keel grading line to snap and place the middle keel hanger.

â‘¡. Hanging the middle keel: According to the specified middle keel spacing, the middle keel is hung on the big keel through the hanging piece. When the design does not require, the general spacing is 500 ~ 600mm.

â‘¢. When the length of the middle keel needs to be extended continuously, use the middle keel connector to connect the middle keel while hanging, straighten and fix it.

6. Install the small keel:

â‘ . Press the small keel line to play the split line, and clip the keel drop pendant.

â‘¡. Hanging small keel: According to the specified small keel spacing, pass the small keel through the hanging piece and hang it on the middle keel. When the design does not require, the general distance is 500 ~ 600mm.

â‘¢. When the length of the small keel requires multiple extensions, use small keel connectors to hang the small keels while connecting the opposite ends, straighten them first and then fix them.

â‘£. When a T-shaped keel is used to form a light steel skeleton, the small keel should be installed with a cover panel, and each of the cover panels should be installed with a blocking keel.

7. Install the cover panel: under the light and rigid frame installed and experienced, according to the specifications of the cover panel, the gap between the gaps is divided into elastic lines, and the line of cover panels is installed from the middle of the ceiling in the direction of the middle keel, as a reference, and then Install to branches on both sides, and the distance between the tapping screws to fix the cover panel is 200 ~ 300mm.

8. Anti-corrosion paint: light steel skeleton cover panel ceiling, non-anti-corrosion treatment on the welded surface (such as pre-embedded, hanging parts, connectors, nailing accessories, etc.), anti-rust paint should be painted before handing over. This process should be carried out before the cover panel.

How much is one square meter for gypsum board partition

Dragon brand is usually paper-faced gypsum board, using high-performance protective paper and building gypsum and special additives and other core materials to form a strong bond, ¥ 3.50-¥ 5.30 Three A dragon brand, new dragon brand, ¥ 4.80 Taishan brand ¥ 8.00 paper Gypsum board Shandong gypsum board fire and moisture proof gypsum board, ¥ 3.50-¥ 5.30 Light steel keel paper gypsum board partition wall project price, ¥ 38.00 Taishan paper gypsum board waterproof gypsum board ceiling clean room partition, ¥ 18.00 Taishan paper gypsum board 9.5mm gypsum board partition wall silicon calcium board factory distance from fire and moisture, ¥ 19.00 light brick gypsum board distance from light insulation fire retardant light brick partition wall, ¥ 38.00 Taishan gypsum board material gypsum board sound insulation partition wall , RMB 8.00 Zhengzhou gypsum board partition wall, ¥ 40.00 Borola Faji gypsum board water resistance 1200 * 2400 * 9.5 light steel keel ceiling partition wall, ¥ 18.50 Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will vary. If you want to know more about the relevant price details, please refer to the local dealers!

Editor's summary: Many owners now use gypsum board partition walls, because gypsum board partition walls are economically reasonable and reduce waste. Compared with the secondary construction walls of brick-concrete type, it avoids the chiseling caused by the pre-buried structure reserved for hydropower, and avoids the plastering and leveling work due to the surface decoration. For interior walls and plywood, consumers can choose to purchase according to their own needs.

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