How to avoid these traps?

Plates are indispensable decoration accessories in the family. At the time of purchase, people tend to focus on the choice of materials and patterns, and it is easy to ignore whether they meet environmental standards.

In fact, when purchasing plates, quality and environmental protection are one of the most important.

When the home is in good condition, follow the treasure plate of Bai to come and get to know the common plates.

The purchase of wood depends first on whether it is environmentally friendly.

According to regulations, the formaldehyde emission of indoor building materials must be less than or equal to 1.5 milligrams per liter, and if it exceeds 5 milligrams per liter, it is substandard.

Second, we must look at the moisture content of wood.

When the moisture content of the wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the wood will shrink and shrink, and vice versa. The main cause of cracking and deformation of wood is that the moisture content is too high or too low.

Finally, don't just buy cheap when you buy.

The materials sold at low prices are usually materials that are shoddy and have serious formaldehyde. They should be purchased in the formal market. It is best to buy branded materials.

The following hundred treasures bring you to come and meet these commonly used plates.

1. Blockboard: It has good moisture-proof effect and cannot be painted directly.

In the middle of the blockboard is a core made of natural wood strips, with thin veneers on both sides, which is one of the most important materials in the decoration.

It can be used for furniture and wooden doors and door covers, heating covers, curtain boxes, etc., and its waterproof performance is good.

When selecting, look at its internal wood, it should not be too broken, and the gap between the woods is about 3mm.

Due to the unsightly appearance of the wood grain on the surface, it is rarely painted directly, and it is usually attached to the plywood.

The woodware used for the furniture and the like must pass through two steps of using the adhesive board and painting, and the cost is higher.

2, integrated board: not easy to deform.

This is an emerging solid wood material, which is made of high-quality imported large-diameter logs and is intertwined with fingers.

Due to the different processes, this board has excellent environmental performance and is 1/8 of the amount of formaldehyde allowed in the blockboard.

On the other hand, this kind of plate made of solid wood such as American spruce can be directly painted and painted, which saves a process compared to blockboard.

3, particle board: good nail holding power.

The particleboard is a natural material that is crushed into granules and pressed into a plate. It is the main material of the current cabinet.

The MDF is formed by pressing powdered wood chips, and the flatness is good, but the moisture resistance is poor. In contrast, the nail holding force of the MDF is worse than that of the particle board. If the screw is loose after the screw is tightened, it is difficult to fix because the strength of the MDF is not high, so it is rarely used for the cabinet.

4,, facing three plywood: save trouble and cheap

Multi-layer boards, also known as three-ply boards and plywoods, have different layers, and their advantages and disadvantages mainly depend on raw materials.

The main use in the home decoration is the veneer plywood, which has already attached a very thin solid wood veneer to the three plywood in the factory. The veneer plywood is easy to use and inexpensive.

According to Baibao, there are many irregularities in the pricing of products on the market. Some products are about the same quality, but the price may be several times different. Some just add some gimmicks to the packaging, and some just because of the difference in brand.

When consumers buy products, they will ask the reasons when they see higher-priced products. Merchants will use “more environmental protection” and “more sophisticated craftsmanship” as the reason. In fact, these are difficult for consumers to get to the bottom, but psychological The company will agree that the quality of this product is better than the low price. The merchant is using the psychology of the consumer to obtain higher profits.

Therefore, consumers should not be greedy for high prices, or should focus on their own needs and the actual quality of products.

Green and environmentally friendly decoration is what every renovated family hopes to achieve. The concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but there are very few real recognition of environmental protection signs. Follow the hundreds of treasures to make a clear-cut consumer. .

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