【Jinglin Cork】 How about the price of Jinglin cork flooring?

Nowadays, decorating the floor is nothing more than choosing a good brand. The good brand's floor is popular among many families. Of course, there are many good brands. Then, the editor will introduce Jinglin cork floor to everyone. Nowadays, the cork floors in the market are endless, and the quality is also uneven. Many merchants have begun to use fake and fake cork floors to refill them and make huge profits. Then, if many consumers are not familiar with cork flooring, it is easy to buy fakes. How about Jinglin cork flooring ? Xiaobian will tell you about the price of Jinglin cork flooring and Other advantages.

How about Jinglin cork flooring

Jinglin cork flooring is a brand of Jinglin Enterprise. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has experienced 11 years of deep accumulation in the industry, successfully broke through the technical difficulties of cork flooring production technology, and adopted the rich wild oak bark resources in China's Qinling region. A great success has been achieved, which has greatly reduced the gap between our cork flooring and our peers, and also broke through the technical bottleneck of domestic cork production. The production technology of China's domestic cork flooring has reached the international advanced level, which is completely comparable to similar imported products from abroad.

Jinglin cork flooring company's factory covers an area of ​​70 acres (free land), with a dedicated cork research laboratory. After years of development, Jinglin enterprises have become a veritable cork flooring manufacturer and service provider in China. One of the consignors, has developed into a cork finishing and repairing enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and own brand, researched and developed cork flooring, cork wallpaper, cork stoppers, cork paper, cork advertising boards, cork mats, cork grains and other cork 80% of the series products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia and other countries.

Cork flooring has been popular in foreign countries for a long time, but it is still rare in our country. In order to let the Chinese people enjoy the mute, warmth, comfort and safety of cork floor paintings at an early date, Jinglin Cork Flooring Company adheres to the use of speed to create value and achieve mutual benefit. The corporate philosophy of reaching cooperation, opening up markets based on differences, and reporting to God with service has rapidly expanded its sales network throughout the country. It has now successfully succeeded in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Jinan, Dongyang, Jining, Yantai , Changzhou, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Nantong, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Chongqing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanchang and other key cities across the country opened their own brand stores, and won the recognition of the local consumers! With the changes in the domestic and international markets, especially the domestic market, the company will rely on its advantages in raw materials, technology, marketing, etc., and truly shoulder the responsibility of promoting China's cork flooring, leading the new navigation mark for the development of China's cork flooring.

The birth of Jinglin cork flooring has three iconic meanings in China:

First: End the history of China's dependence on imported cork flooring;

Second: It marks the transformation of China's softwood resources from rough processing to fine processing, and opens a new chapter in the independent development and utilization of Chinese softwood resources;

Third: It indicates that Chinese cork flooring has the ability to enter the international cork flooring market!

The characteristics of quiet forest cork

Jinglin cork floor adhering to the "people-oriented" design concept, put forward the decathlon concept, focusing on the use of the floor:

The first item: environmental protection: the use of natural oak bark for the manufacture of quiet forest cork flooring does not destroy natural forest trees, and the formaldehyde emission reaches EO level (only 0.1mg / L);

The second item: mute: each cell is a small pressure absorber, full of elasticity; each cell is a small shock absorber, safe and silent;

The third item: anti-skid: the anti-skid coefficient is 0.4 to reach level 6, which is excellent (up to level 7);

The fourth item: wear resistance: the surface layer adopts water-based environmentally friendly PU paint imported from Germany. Compared with other paint types, under the same hardness, the paint film has strong adhesion, strong elongation of the paint film, and the probability of breaking is lower than that of UV paint. , The abrasion resistance is 2-3 times that of general hardwood floors;

Fifth item: Warmth: It is less affected by the temperature difference of the environment, and has good thermal insulation effect. If you walk barefoot on the cork floor, it will feel much warmer than other floors;

Item 6: Moisture-proof: Compared with other flooring materials, the moisture-proof performance of cork flooring is better, and the adhesive cork floor can even be used in the bathroom;

Item 7: Heat resistance: suitable for geothermal heating (heat resistance range of -60 degrees to 80 degrees), strong stability;

The eighth anti-stress: the indentation formed on the high heels or heavy furniture can be restored;

Item 9: Safety: Because the cork floor is soft and flexible, it can reduce the physical injury caused by accidental fall, especially for children and elderly rooms;

Item 10: Simple: Jinglin cork flooring has a lock-type installation, which is simple and fast, and maintenance only needs to be wiped with a semi-dry mop, which is very convenient.

Installation of Jinglin Cork

The static forest cork floor is divided into 2 kinds of specifications, paste type, lock type, the specific installation is as follows:

1. The construction of Jinglin cork floor should strictly implement the relevant provisions of GB / T20238-2006 "Code for wood floor pavement, acceptance and use"

2. Floor pavement should be carried out after concealed ground engineering, suspended ceiling engineering, wall engineering, hydropower engineering is completed and accepted.

3. The indoor ambient temperature should be above 10 ℃.

4. No cross construction at the installation site, and no special construction restrictions

5. Requirements on the ground: clean, dry, smooth and firm.

6. Reserved height of corner:

The height of Jinglin's pasted cork floor is 4mm, and the height of the lock-type floor is 11mm. Customers should make appropriate reservations according to the contact height of the cork floor and other floors above the finished height of the floor, especially door covers, corners, heating hoods and other Rule details should also be dealt with.

7. Interval problem:

There is no distance limit for the laying of pasted cork flooring, no partitions are required, and the entire ground is a whole. Locking cork floors should be partitioned with pressure strips.

8. Loss:

The loss of Jinglin cork floor varies according to the room size, shape, and whether there is a special shape (such as a floor, partition, etc.). Generally speaking, the room is square and large. The loss is small, generally less than 5%. The structural loss may exceed 5%.

The price of Jinglin cork flooring

Jinglin Royal Series Magazine LCG12-G111B cork floor 428 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Royal Series Magazine LCG12-G111B cork floor 428 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Starck series of new running water LCG57-G082B cork floor 508 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Starck series of new running water LCG57-G082B cork floor 508 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Starck series new black flowing water LCG64-G082B cork floor 508 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Starck series Samba LCG07-G082B cork floor 508 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Starck series model LCG05-G082B cork floor 448 yuan / square meter

Jinglin Stark Series Bamboo Link LCG12-G082B Cork Floor 708 yuan / square meter

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant information about Jinglin cork flooring and the price of Jinglin cork flooring, for reference only, I hope to help everyone. For more related knowledge, you can follow the information on this website.

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