Super popular sun repair products recommended

Super popular sun repair products recommended

Sunscreen is not in place, and you will be sunburned without knowing it. It is very necessary to have a bottle of sun-repairing products around the hot summer days. Which one to choose? Xiaobian will tell you today!

The first step after sunburn repair is to cool, soothe and calm the skin! At this time, you can choose water, mineral spray or moisturizing lotion with soothing calming effect to avoid irritating ingredients such as alcohol.

La Roche-Posay Soothing Conditioning Spray RMB185/300ml

Unique La Roche-Posay hot spring water: Natural rainwater is slowly infiltrated by rock layers rich in selenium and minerals, and combined with underground clear springs accumulated over 1,700 years of history, so that minerals and trace elements in hot spring water can be stably mixed; Antioxidant selenium (World Health Organization WHO announced in 1973 that selenium is the most important trace element for life and health), repairs damage caused by ultraviolet rays, protects skin from free radicals, prevents skin oxidation and environmental factors Causes aging, soothes the skin, helps the skin resist inflammation, anti-allergy, and enhances the skin's self-protection ability.

The hot spring water is alkaline and neutral. It is sensitive skin and vulnerable skin that is irritating (anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, swelling, help wound healing, post-surgical repair, post-sun repair, temperature change, etc.) daily care The core of the product, long-term conditioning of the skin.

Paula Jane Selects Facial Red Soothing Essence RMB188/118ml

The soothing essence toner specially developed for super sensitive skin and after-sale skin lesions and redness, it is very suitable for postoperative repair and strong skin barrier function!

The second step after sunburn repair is to soothe the skin and apply a special after-sun repair lotion to provide moisture to the skin and gently repair sun damage.

Yueyang Sunscreen Black Soothing Lotion RMB320/125ml

A natural, refreshing gel formula that not only repairs skin damage, but also leaves skin smoother.

The shea butter contained in the formula of Yueyang Sunscreen Black Soothing Lotion can quickly replenish moisture for horny skin. The gel-like texture is very refreshing, no residue, no greasy, and is favored by Asian women.

AUPRES After Sunning Soothing Lotion RMB120/90ml

Soothes skin redness, burning, tingling and other skin problems after sun exposure.

Moisturizing gel brings a refreshing sensation to hot skin and replenishes moisture to prevent dry skin after sun exposure.

No added spices.

Mild stability formula for skin

Please try to avoid applying to the skin around the eyes and areas with inflammation.

This product contains aloe leaf extract

Aloe vera is a succulent plant, and its juice is used for the treatment of trauma and burns.

It is a medicinal plant and is widely used as a medicinal ingredient in cosmetics. It has anti-inflammatory and calming effects and can soothe the skin after sun exposure.

Clinique After Sun Repair Body Lotion RMB320/150ml

For after-sun skin, Clinique offers an extraordinary moisturizing body lotion with a variety of calming and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera. At the same time, the micrococcus solution is targeted to help repair free radical damage caused by sun exposure.

ETUDE HOUSE Aloe House Aloe Vera Soothing Moisturizing Gel RMB89/150ml

“Aloe Vera Moisture Gel that can be used all over the body!”

Multi-functional soothing gel for face and body

Moisturizing gel texture quickly calms dry skin

Low irritation (no ethanol / no essential oil / no preservative / no talc), passed dermatology test

Gives moisture to the whole body, cool and lubricate

Avene Repair Red Soothing Mask RMB248/50ml

Avene Repair Red Shurun ​​Mask is a sensitive skin that is susceptible to burning, redness and redness. It quickly and effectively hits the roots of redness, instantly cools and relieves the skin red alarm. A unique, leave-on formula that is fragrance free and p-hydroxybenzoate. The texture is refreshing and the touch is instant.

Enriched with new high-concentration artificial leaf tree root extract saponin - immediately red, with Avene live spring water - soothing sedative, supplemented with dextran sulfate - repair sensitive, synergistic effect of three active ingredients, deep anti-red, It quickly reduces the skin temperature, quickly relieves the burning sensation, and gives the skin a feeling of refreshing and moisturizing. It is a must-have skin fire extinguisher for sensitive skin.

Tips: Put the mask in the refrigerator for a while before use, and the cooling effect is better.

Intensive repair of natural Tang snow area moisturizing ice muscle membrane RMB168/75ml

Containing Himalayan natural small molecule water, snow ginseng, snow lotus, edelweiss triple snow plant essence can instantly cool down the sunburned skin, add a constant source of moisture to the skin after sun exposure, prevent the appearance of fine lines after sun exposure.

La Prairie Swiss Ice Crystal Newborn Cream RMB2850/50ml

Formulated with technology and nature to help the skin respond to extreme conditions from the outside world: stress, environment and aging. Enriched with the essence of Swiss ice crystals (concentrated with the native energy of Saxifrage, Alpine safflower and Swiss snow algae), it strengthens the skin's adaptability and responds to the extremes of daily life that promote skin aging.

In addition, the tissue regeneration guide matrix provides anti-aging energy to the skin. Two plant cell extracts based on stem cell extraction technology can promote skin regeneration, hyaluronic acid provides deep moisturization to the skin, and reflective factors make the skin clear and clear. The innovative formula of the oil-in-water cream looks like a rich, but the skin immediately penetrates, fresh skin tone, enhances elasticity, and makes the skin instantly soft and silky, straightening stronger and stronger.

In addition to the body and face, don't forget to fix the scalp after sunburn. Hair and scalp can also be damaged by the sun, causing dryness and even hair loss problems in the hair and scalp.


Instantly soothes the scalp, eliminates tension and rejuvenates. Purify the scalp, rebuild the barrier, and enhance the self-defense of the scalp to external stimuli (contamination, stress, dyeing, hair styling). Once applied, instantly feel the coolness of 2.5 degrees Celsius, and feel refreshed throughout the day. Hydrophilic formula, gel texture, refreshing and non-sticky. Rich in spearmint leaves, blue eucalyptus plant essential oil, and narrow-leaved echinacea plant extracts to reduce irritation and itching, and the scalp regains lasting comfort.

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