On the Marketization of the Management of Hotel Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

The current situation of the school management professional school reform and opening up has brought about the vigorous development of China's modern hotel industry, and various hotels have sprung up. In order to ensure the sustainable development of China's hotel industry, the university hotel management profession is abbreviated as the hotel profession, and has achieved remarkable achievements. At the same time, the professional hospitality of colleges and universities is not satisfactory. The following aspects of the following aspects of the main body of the school are mainly the current investment, the main body of investment is relatively simple. The main body of investment in ordinary colleges and universities is mainly the government; it is the main body of hotel professional education, mostly colleges and universities do their own studies, and the joint education with the society is mostly formal rather than substantive.

1.2 The teaching mode is monotonous, and the teaching content is relatively lagging. The main teaching methods of many colleges and universities for many years are still on the teacher's desk. The students are listening to this monotonous cramming teaching model. The hotel profession is a very practical profession. The cramming teaching mode has caused the vicious circle of students to die and read dead books. From the perspective of the curriculum of teaching content, it is far from the actual requirements of the hotel industry. Many colleges and universities concentrate on the teaching and concept of pure theoretical knowledge. In the discussion of the model, the cognitive theory of the textbooks often falls behind the development of the hotel industry. 1 The content of some versions of textbooks still follows the Western concept of the 1970s. It does not fully absorb contemporary hotel management concepts such as hotel competition strategy talent strategy. Many students complain that they cannot learn the reality and are too far from reality.

1.3 The effect of running a school is not satisfactory. The university hotel professional has cultivated many talents. This is undeniable.

However, through various adjustments and feedbacks, most of the tourism professional graduates in the past years have not been engaged in the work of the hotel industry. This is probably contrary to the original intention of setting up the tourism profession. This is its; its student book knowledge is seriously out of touch with the actual application. When you graduate, you often need to take professional training in time, even starting from the most basic service technology, resulting in the human and material resources of the graduates and the hotel. Waste; its college students serve the society low, many people do not want to start from the grassroots level, the result is high, low, and unable to find employment.

In short, the demand for hotels in colleges and universities has not been accurately grasped. The hotel needs talents but the products provided by colleges and universities are called the author. Jing Zengqun 1963, male, director of the Department of Management Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Shiyan Vocational and Technical College, associate professor; Ren Hui In 1963, male, edited by the editorial department of the Journal of Shiyan Vocational and Technical College; Deng Li 1976, female, assistant professor of the Department of Management Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Shiyan Vocational and Technical College; Xiang Guifang, 1963, female, Shiyan Vocational and Technical College, Department of Management Engineering. Therefore, colleges and universities professional schools should go to the market, take hotel demand as their own market demand, carry out market operation, beat students in the market, and provide graduates with both theoretical and practical skills for the hotel industry.

2 The necessity and feasibility of professional market-oriented school in higher vocational colleges 2.1 The definition of the concept of hotel market in the hotel industry refers to the entire hotel industry; hotels are specific enterprises in the hotel industry. The market, also known as the target market. The market mentioned in this article refers specifically to the hotel industry, including specific hotels. The hotel specializes in the hotel industry as the big market, and the hotel is the specific market 2.2 hotel professional school marketization defines the marketization of hotel professional education, that is, the hotel professional enters the market, participates in hotel operation management, and cultivates students' practical ability in hotel operation. To complete the manufacture of talent products; at the same time, the professional market exchange system to achieve the exchange of professional graduate talent products and hotel industry.

Exchange is an essential feature of the market. The school hotel specialty is a branch of the school education industry. Graduates are the products of the university education industry, and the purpose is to realize the exchange with the hotel industry. However, this kind of exchange is special. It is the exchange of talent products and hotel industry. In some forms, hotels pay for hotel graduates or hire graduates or students. In addition, the hotel pays the intermediary fee to the university talent network to purchase hotel professional graduates to achieve exchange. The purpose of the talent network of colleges and universities should be to speed up the exchange between graduates and the hotel industry; the hotel purchases special or excellent students specially trained by the hotel, provided that the students have signed a training agreement with the hotel professional and are willing to go to the hotel. This is a true exchange.

The hotel's professional exchange with the hotel industry mainly refers to the hotel's professional investment in human resources in the hotel, the salary research fee and the cost of the hotel's graduates.

2.3 The necessity and feasibility of the hotel professional market-oriented school 2.3.1 necessity. The reason why the university hotel professional school is to be marketized is determined by the actual needs of the hotel and the characteristics of the hotel profession. Its hotel industry calls for the hotel profession to go to reality. The hotel industry is highly competitive, while the university hotel professions are mostly in a relatively closed state. There is no investment in the market competition, and the graduates are mostly empty theories, lacking practical ability and unable to meet the actual needs of the hotel industry. Therefore, the hotel industry is looking forward to the professionalism of the hotel to be practical, that is to say, the hotel professional school must enter the market and train students according to market demand. Therefore, the professional setting of the university should be forward-looking and predict the demand trend of the hotel industry. The vitality is relatively long; its hotel specialty is characterized by its practicability. This requires students to pay attention to system theory learning, but also to pay attention to their actual ability to be obtained in the market. Therefore, the hotel profession must go to the market to run schools; its marketization promotes a virtuous cycle of hotel professionalism. The so-called benign cycle means that the students have sufficient students, the students have rich knowledge, skilled technical skills, successful graduate employment, and potential for development, and the satisfaction of students and employers is high. This is the first level of the loop. The first level is the high satisfaction of high-quality graduates and employers, which has established a good reputation for the hotel profession, thus promoting the growth of the student's abundance and professional scale, and bringing economies of scale. The promotion of marketization is mainly to encourage students to exercise strong practical ability in the market, so as to improve their employability; it is possible to learn in the market so that students can understand their own deficiencies, thereby establishing goals and working hard to enrich themselves. Knowledge and experience to achieve sustainable development.

It is an exchange system between professional graduates and the hotel market established by market-oriented operation, which promotes the employment of graduates, enhances the exchange of hotel professional and hotel industry, and promotes the professional ability of the hotel to run schools.

These aspects are all necessary conditions for the sound development of the hotel profession.

2.3.2 Feasibility. Whether the hotel is professionally marketable or not, we will try to analyze the mutual needs of the two parties from the following aspects. In fact, hotel professional needs practice places, and it is necessary to improve students' practical ability. The hotel happens to be able to solve the hotel's professional needs; its hotels need to reduce labor costs and require highly qualified staff. The hotel's professional students can become the hotel's cheap labor internship staff. At the same time, the students can promote the improvement of the quality of the hotel staff. In particular, the hotel can retain excellent graduates and solve the human resources required for hotel development. The hotel specializes in the mutual needs of the hotel and provides preconditions for the cooperation between the two parties to achieve market-oriented operation.

Have a good fit. The point of marketization is that the hotel profession finds the cutting point of entering the market. The hotel's demand for talents and the demand for high-quality and cheap labor are precisely the breakthrough points for hotel professionals to enter the market. But this is only the base point. Hotel professionals should use this as an opportunity to seek deeper cooperation.

There is a lot of room for development. The professional marketization of the hotel can bring about the following developments. It is the hotel professional that can continuously enrich the hotel management experience; it can continuously promote the development of the professional; it can make the hotel professional have a broader development space, such as the imaging of Lausanne, Switzerland The hotel is world-renowned.

In short, the professional marketization of the hotel is necessary and feasible.

3 Ways for the professional market-oriented operation of hotels in higher vocational colleges 3.1 To establish appropriate management mechanisms and exchange-making universities. The current administrative management + education management model, for the hotel profession, should be transformed into a combination of management and education management. Management means that the hotel profession is regarded as an industry operation, that is, the hotel profession is placed in the market environment, specifically for the school to run, and as the axis, to drive the benign operation of the employment market terminal of the beginning of the two students. From the beginning to the end is a network system, management is mainly in the axis part, is the place of management and education management.

The exchange system means that the research and development system of the exchange system of talent products and markets is sound and flexible. Specifically, it is the hotel professional cooperative social employment agency, and has established a cooperative relationship with a number of hotel groups to exchange exchanges, build a core exchange network, and make the employment channels smooth, and establish a graduate tracking system, system employment channel development research System, timely provide employment information, feedback on graduate employment and satisfaction with employer satisfaction, etc., and continue to deeply study the development of the market hotel industry in the exchange, so that the R&D system and the production exchange system are organically combined to ensure professional construction. The reality and forward-looking, providing scientific exchange for product production exchange 3.2 mode of change, solving conflicts between class and work. Students entering the market, that is, hotels, must face the conflict between class and work. The conflict is mainly caused by time conflicts, that is, students can't go to class when they go to work, and they can't go to work during class. Of course, the hotel is willing to let students always go to work and directly create profits. As a scholar, I hope that students have a relatively fixed time to systematically study theories, discuss the problems that occur in practice and find solutions. If the hotel manager agrees with the school's intentions, the two sides will find a way to resolve the above conflicts; if they do not agree, they only want to treat students as cheap labor, and it is difficult for both parties to cooperate happily. It is the conflict between the shift and the normal class. In the school, the normal class, the general finish, but the shop has different shifts and normal class time conflict.

The solution to these conflicts is that the hotel supports the school and implements a six-hour work system on the basis of cost accounting, so that you can spare time to attend classes. It is the school's reform of the class mode, understanding and supporting the hotel work, according to different shift times, except for the night shift class. Of course, this is faced with an increase in the number of teachers working children. The solution is to make full use of modern technology means video recording multimedia and other repeated classes, and then give teachers appropriate increase in class allowance. At the same time, the hotel can also effectively use the opportunity of colleges and universities to get 16 workers to get training and raise the theoretical level.

3.3 Establishing a strategic partnership The hotel specializes in establishing a strategic partnership with the hotel in the form of an agreement, and establishes the following main cooperation matters: the hotel professional students take turns to enter the hotel for the grade, the hotel specializes in training the reserve for the hotel development; is the hotel professional reception hotel Entrusted training or selection of fellows; is the hotel's professional participation in hotel operations, market research and other research, to help hotels to avoid weaknesses and better management; is the hotel's professional participation in hotel staff training management; hotel and hotel professional human resources can be shared. Hotel professionals can hire hotel management personnel such as senior management to teach courses. At the same time, hotels can hire professional teachers to add hotel management, such as assistant manager or even department manager, and accumulate hotel management experience to better run schools.

A higher level of strategic cooperation is the professionalization of professional enterprise. Professional enterprise refers to the hotel professional into a hotel enterprise, the professional and teacher students in the hotel management system, in accordance with the hotel business market operation mode for students to carry out strict systematic training, while paying attention to students' system theory of learning and innovative spirit innovation Ability is only. The hotel specializes in hotel companies, mainly in two forms. In fact, the school invests in or acquires a hotel, and the hotel is professionally responsible or involved in business management. The student school is the hotel intern and enjoys the internship salary.

According to the needs of the hotel, combined with the actual position, students will be taught special skills. It is also possible to use the rotation method to enable students to be trained in a multi-faceted manner and become a talented person; in which the school or hotel professional and teachers purchase hotel shares, become the controlling shareholder of the hotel, and package the hotel or building in agreement; The hotel professional is set up as the training center of the hotel group, so that the professional education of the students can be combined with the training of the hotel group staff, and even become a body. Through these deep levels of the same body.

Enterprise specialization refers to the hotel company investing in hotel professionalism and developing towards the school. The first form of corporate investment in hotel specialties.

The investment methods can be varied. The selected students are enrolled in the form of bursaries or scholarships. Students are required to enter the hotel service after graduation. This is different from the current scholarships offered by some companies; The hotel is professionally built. The first form of hotel is no longer a freelance investor, but instead invests in a hotel professional as a shareholder, sharing the hotel's professional school profitability. The first form of hotel contractor specializes in college hotels and becomes a business manager. The first form of hotel acquired the college hotel professional and became the owner. After the substantial form of cooperation, the company and the hotel profession form a community of destiny.

When hotel professional hoteliers form a community of destiny, the hotel profession is truly market-oriented. Under this circumstance, the hotel's professional school-running mechanism is more flexible and effective, and the school-running effect will undergo substantial changes.

4 The effect prediction of market-oriented school management in higher vocational colleges 4.1 The school form can undergo profound changes in marketization. The investment subject is no longer just a government, it can attract enterprises, especially hotel group enterprises to invest; Just colleges and universities can have hotel companies plus people; from the perspective of running a school, from a relatively closed college to an open school, whether it is professional enterprise or corporate specialization, it has entered the market, more in line with the hotel. Industry needs and future needs. In short, the form of running a school can undergo profound changes, and at the same time, it can bring about substantial changes in the teaching model and the effect of running a school.

4.2 Teaching mode In the lively and volatile market situation, students are exposed to living facts, which is much more interesting than the theoretical teachings in the classroom. For the teacher, in conjunction with the actual case of student contact, discuss with the students, so that the hotel facts rise to the theoretical level, or to guide students to practice from a theoretical level, or to discuss with the students to solve the hotel business difficulties or to build a knowledge system with systematic examples. . The flexibility of the teaching model will inevitably lead to the improvement of students' ability to learn and use, so that knowledge learning and ability training can be organically combined.

4.3 Students become hotel students Students stay at the hotel, study at work, work in the study, and gradually become a hotel. In this way, students learn in the hotel and gain a deeper level of practical ability, such as ability to cope with the ability to coordinate with customers. This is the first meaning of learning at work; the meaning of the first layer refers to the guidance of the teacher master at work. The first meaning of working in learning means that students begin to work in the hotel during their studies; the first meaning is that students constantly discover problems in their work, improve their work, and improve themselves in the process of learning theory. In this way, the students' theoretical quality, comprehensive quality and practical ability are constantly improved and perfected in the market hotel, and become a typical and popular hotel person who knows how to manage and manage the hotel.

4.4 Ability and qualification certificate Matching to obtain a professional qualification certificate to prove that they have the enthusiasm for engaging in a certain occupation, such as the qualification certificate of the qualification certificate of the accountant qualification certificate, but many people have obtained the qualification certificate but do not have the corresponding practical ability. Under the market conditions, hotel professional students get the bartender qualification certificate, hotel attendant qualification certificate, hotel English grade qualification certificate, etc., which is both ability and qualification. In other words, marketization can match the ability and qualifications of hotel professional students. This is also the practical significance of the card.

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