Test criteria for national standards for programmable high and low temperature test chambers

GB/T2423.4-2008 is applicable to the determination of the suitability of components, equipment or other products to be used, transported and stored under conditions of high humidity and temperature cycling and which typically produces condensation on the surface of the test sample. If this test is used to test the performance of a packaged sample during transport and storage, it should be tested together with the package.

For small, light-weight samples, it may be difficult to produce condensation on the surface of the sample; users should consider other alternative tests, such as GB/T2423.34-2005.

The national standard GB/T2423.4-2008 normative reference documents are as follows:

GB/T2421-1999 Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products - Part 1: General

GB/T2422-1995 Environmental test terminology for electrical and electronic products

GB/T2423.34-2005 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test methods Test Z/AD: Temperature/humidity combination cycle test

GB/T2423.6-2006 Electrical and electronic products environmental test temperature / humidity test chamber performance confirmation.

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