Launzer launches officially licensed Batman 3D printing doll

In December 2014, the Finnish online 3D printing platform Launcher received the authorization of Warner Bros. and ITV for 3D printing of its character image. According to the agreement signed with the above two entertainment giants, Launcher will have the right to sell the 3D printed image of two companies' anime people, such as Batman, Superman and Bunny, to European consumers.

Nowadays, after careful preparation, Launcher has finally officially started selling the Batman series 3D printing dolls. Although only European consumers can buy it, this is the first genuine Batman 3D printing doll officially licensed by DC Comics (note: the company is a subsidiary of Warner Bros.), which makes sense.

Launzer's Batman styling is mainly from the movie "Batman Prequel". Currently there are only three types of dolls to choose from.

Full body image of white nylon material, 10 cm high, priced at 75.6 euros; full body image of colored sandstone material, 12 cm high, priced at 80.5 euros; bust of stainless steel, 5.5 cm high, priced at 104 euros

“We are honored to be the first to bring the living Batman to the 3D printing world,” said Kari Voutila, CEO of and 3D Online Factory.

These dolls will be printed for consumers by Launcher's 3D printing partner i.materialise. It is understood that in the future, Launcher will continue to launch a series of officially authorized cartoon characters 3D printing dolls, and it is possible to extend it to other 3D printed content, such as 3D printed jewelry, toys, mobile phone sets, etc. Work with i.materialise.


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