LeTV Sports represented China in 2015 Sportel America

LeTV Sports represented China in 2015 Sportel America
Date:2015-03-23 ​​09:03

2015 Sportel America, as the highest level of sports traditional media and new media summit in China, was grandly opened in Miami from March 17th to 19th, local time. The top brands in the sports media industry gathered together and Le Sports was a heavyweight guest. The second summit attracted extensive attention from the industry.

Sportel is the most influential sports media summit in the world. It is a biblical level event. It brings together the world's top event organizers, program producers, promoters, broadcasters and copyright distributors. The summit is held twice a year. One of these events takes place in Monaco in October. The other is in Asia, Europe, or the Americas. It is the most attended, most influential, and the only copyright protection trade fair in the sports industry. Almost all have influence. Sports organizations will make their appearance at this summit.

This is LeTV's third appearance at the Sportel Summit. In 2014, Le Sports participated in two sessions in Shanghai and Monaco and quickly became the new darling of the industry. This year in Miami, USA, a total of four Chinese companies registered to participate, of which Le Sports is the only one in the field. Chinese exhibitors with booths. It is understood that the LeTV Sports booth is adjacent to the world-famous sports companies such as the Bundesliga League, NBC universal, and the booth area is even twice that of NBC universal. It is worth mentioning that this LeTV sports carried TV as the first time debuted on the Sportel overseas booth, which triggered a strong interest from the audience and other exhibitors.

The purpose of our participation in Sportel is to acquire as many copyrights as possible for various events and maintain good communication with current partners. Yu Hang, vice president of overseas markets and copyright division of Le Sports, said that it is also hoped that global cooperation Through this summit, the partners learned more about LeTV Sports and LeSports Ecology. This time our booth also featured super TVs. There are special presentations every day. I think this is an important move for LeTV to go overseas.

LeTV Sports Booth is well-received by overseas business invitations

LeTV Sports received a lot of exhibitors' invitations on the first day of its appearance at the Sportel Summit in Miami. It hopes to have a deeper understanding of LeTV Sports and intends to reach further cooperation. In the LeTV Sports booth, the Super TV X60 broadcasts sports events in ultra-clear 1080P quality. The ultimate large-screen experience has caused everyone to stop, and many exhibitors come to experience the questions personally.

Ian Holmes of F1 also came to LeSports booth specifically. In July 2014, Le Sports officially became the exclusive new media broadcaster in F1 mainland China, making a subversive attempt on F1’s broadcast form and large Successfully, for the achievements in cooperation with LeTV Sports for a short period of one year, Ian said that LeTV Sports has been very impressed with the broadcasting and promotion of F1 events in China. It can use multi-terminals to allow viewers to enjoy 6-way signals at the same time. In the live broadcast, almost no other platform in the world can do it. We will also satisfy as much as possible the needs of LeTV Sports and hope to see LeTV Sports reporters at F1 Shanghai Station a month later.

Jessica Chandeli at the French Open also lamented the globalization of LeTV Sports. The business model and ecological layout of Le Sports are surprising. For a long time the French Open has cooperated with traditional television stations, but we Always trying to find a digital platform partner in the Chinese market, we are very interested in the LeTV sports model.

It is understood that this is only one step of Le Sports' strategic globalization strategy. With the continuous expansion of overseas businesses, the future will be marked by LeTV Sports on the stage of the world's top sports events and industry summits.




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