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When it comes to the most noteworthy sports smart watch in 2015, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the Apple Watch. However, in fact, Garmin, the most famous GPS brand in the United States, has pioneered the vivoactive sports smartwatch. Unlike Apple Inc., which for the first time entered the smart wearable market, Garmin has been working in the smart wear area for 13 years, and has been widely recognized by outdoor sports players worldwide. Therefore, people pay more attention to vivoactive than Apple Watch in outdoor areas. Even after all, Garmin is the king of outdoor sports watches.
We all know that Apple Watch does not have a built-in GPS and can only rely on Apple's mobile phone to achieve the function of recording sports data. The real sports-loving friends do not seem to like to carry their mobile phones. This is undoubtedly the biggest criticism of Apple Watch. Vivoactive's built-in GPS chip can work independently and does not need to rely on mobile phones to record data. You only need to wear this watch to record rich data information. It is more convenient and practical for friends who love sports.
In terms of appearance, vivoactive is a fashion line that can be worn by both men and women. With a touch-enabled color screen, the content can be clearly displayed. The thin and light body will hardly feel any burden, and it will not feel burdensome when moving.
Vivoactive not only supports running, cycling, swimming, golf and other sports. It also supports fitness tracking function. It can display daily steps, mileage, heart rate and calorie data, providing sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring and other functions. In addition, vivoactive can also receive mobile phone calls, text messages, emails, as well as Weibo, WeChat, QQ and other application messages, not only allowing you to be more professional in sports and fitness, but also make your daily life more colorful.

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