More than 1,300 companies will participate in the Dongguan International Furniture Fair

At the 33rd International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition, the tens of thousands of square meters of export-oriented international pavilion will be officially opened to help furniture companies expand their export markets.

The furniture organizing committee has increased the attractiveness of overseas professional buyers.

If you still think that Dongguan's export furniture is still OEM, you will be OUT. On the 33rd International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Famous Furniture Exhibition”) to be held from March 16th to 20th, the tens of thousands of square meters of export-oriented international pavilion will be officially opened to help furniture companies. Expand the export market. Among them, many local furniture brands that have already begun to export their brands overseas will also use the platform of the export-oriented international pavilion to speed up the opening of specialty stores overseas. According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee of the famous furniture exhibition, at the 34th famous furniture exhibition in September this year, it is planned to further strengthen the exhibition hardware and increase the support for the domestic furniture enterprise products and brand output.

3G new exhibition hall put into use for the first time

According to reports, this year's famous furniture exhibition exhibitors will have more than 1,306 exhibitors, the number of which is the most in 16 years. The exhibition area of ​​this famous furniture exhibition also reached 770,000 square meters.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibition officially opened the newly built 30,000 square meters "3G Pavilion". Fang Runzhong, deputy secretary-general of the Dongguan Famous Furniture Club Organizing Committee, said that on the one hand, many outstanding enterprises with strong willingness to participate in the famous furniture exhibition failed in the past few years; on the one hand, many exhibitors who mainly attacked and exported were scattered in various exhibition halls, overseas. It is not convenient for buyers to connect with them. Therefore, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center has built a new “3G Pavilion” in the east side of Hall 3.

At this year's famous furniture exhibition, the 2nd floor of “3G Pavilion” and other nearby pavilions jointly built a tens of thousands of square meters of export-oriented international pavilions, with more than 110 enterprises in the pavilion.

Fang Runzhong admits that due to the impact of the domestic furniture market environment and the upstream real estate industry, the domestic product development rate of furniture products has slowed down. Therefore, it is recommended that furniture manufacturing enterprises can walk domestically and export their legs to enhance their ability to resist risks. This is an important reason why the famous furniture exhibition set up an international pavilion.

Furniture companies accelerate brand output

In order for the international pavilion to play a role in promoting exports, it is first necessary to attract overseas buyers. The Organizing Committee of the Furniture Fair has increased its appeal to overseas professional buyers. At present, the number of international buyers pre-registered at the Furniture Fair has exceeded 1,000. These buyers are mainly from 68 countries and regions including Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

In addition, the famous furniture exhibition also assigned 4 working groups to the United States, Germany, Turkey, the Middle East and other countries and regions to connect with local professional buyers, making the number of local professional buyers to the number of furniture exhibitions increased by more than ten times. Among them, among the top five sales companies in the US furniture industry, two companies will come to watch the exhibition; the top three furniture sales companies in Japan all participate in the exhibition; and the largest furniture importers in the Middle East and the world famous home appliances and home appliances Harvey Norman, a supplies company, also went to the famous furniture fair to make purchases.

There are not a few buyers from the Middle East. In order to allow international buyers to have a better purchasing experience at the famous furniture fair, the organizing committee set up prayer rooms and halal dining spots in Hall 7 which is dedicated to display furniture products suitable for the Middle East market.

In addition to being competitive in terms of product exports, Dongguan furniture companies have begun to accelerate the pace of overseas export of brands. At present, local furniture brands such as City Window, Mousse Bedding, and Dixin Furniture have opened a large number of brand stores overseas, leaving a mark of Chinese brands in the international home market.

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