Look at the case selection wardrobe trend or classic you decide

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] To say what is the most popular wardrobe in 2014, think about it, it seems that there is no mainstream wardrobe. After all, everyone's lifestyle and preferences are different, open wardrobes, door wardrobes, luxury wardrobes, simple wardrobes, etc., more to combine European and American trends with Chinese elements, such wardrobes are uniquely designed. It is indeed moving. If you have no idea about the fashion in 2015, you can take a look at the wardrobe design case below.

Popular wardrobe design

Design Review : This kind of open wardrobe is used more and more in many home decoration. Such wardrobe design will make people feel the warmth and harmony of home.

Bedroom wardrobe style

Design Review : The rustic white oak wardrobe is still popular this year, and the overall effect is excellent.

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