Safety Precautions for Large Machinery Construction in Sports Grounds

1. When do bulldozers work, how do they do safe work?

When the bulldozer works, no part of the driver's cab shall be occupied. When the driver leaves the cab, the shovel should be dropped to the ground and the engine shut down.


When pushing the soil, the slope of the uphill slope shall not be greater than 25°, and the slope of the downhill slope shall not be greater than 35°. When driving on the slope, the lateral inclination of the fuselage shall not be greater than 10°, and the driving speed shall be slow when pushing.

When two-machine operation or working with other machinery at the same time, there must be technical personnel to command the operation below, there must be a distance of not less than 10m between the machinery, bulldozer as traction, the traction rope should have a certain strength, bulldozers and traction The minimum distance between them should be greater than the width of the machine. There must be no manual operation between the bulldozer and the tractor.

2. How do you do safety work when you are working on a loader?

When the loader is operating, the site should be solid and flat. During operation, there should be no people below the bucket. When the bucket is in operation, no one is allowed in the bucket. When the bucket is unloaded, the distance from the bottom of the tank should not be too high, let alone the collision box.

During maintenance, the bucket should be leveled as much as possible. When the bucket needs to be repaired, the bucket should be placed on the bracket.

When loading cargo operations, the bucket should be as close to the ground as possible, and do not raise the bucket to walk.

When shutting down, when it is refuelling, close the throttle and keep away from fire and other places.

3. How to do a safe job when building a road roller?

During the transportation of the roller, the upper and lower disc brakes must have firm legs and slopes suitable for roller crawling. When the crane is being loaded, the tonnage and spreader of the crane must meet the weight requirements of the roller. When the society runs on its own, there must be someone in front of the roller to clean it in advance and guide pedestrians and vehicles to avoid it.

During construction work, manual operation is prohibited in front of the roller. When multiple machines are in operation, the distance between the two machines is at least 10m, and the distance between the left and right sides is not less than one machine width.

When the machine stops working, it is not possible to use a roller as a temporary roadblock to park away from the fire source. When the driver leaves the cab, it is necessary to pull brake gates, close circuits, and oil gates. It is strictly forbidden for non-drivers to drive the roller.

4. How should the safety work be done when the asphalt spreader is operating?

When filling the asphalt in the factory, the filling oil port must be aligned with the delivery oil pipe mouth. When circulating the oil, start the circulation pump, and the amount of filling asphalt shall not exceed the specified value. After filling the oil, tightly seal the oil filling hole and tighten the oil filling hole. part.

Asphalt spraying machines should comply with traffic regulations when driving in social traffic. Drivers should have a driving license. Before driving a curve, they should slow down slowly to prevent the center of gravity of the oil truck from shifting.

Before spraying on the construction site, the screw of the fuel injection pipe should be fully buckled, and there should be no loose and loose phenomenon. Before the spraying, check all the fuel injectors for heating to prevent clogging of the nozzle and the operator in charge of the fuel injector. Wearing overalls, wearing heat-protective gloves, and wearing a safety belt, notify the driver to drive the car before he can open the throttle to inject fuel.

When spraying oil, the scope of operation, within 10m behind the sprinkler, must not be operated manually, and should be sprayed as far as possible against the wind. If there is a temporary fault, it should be stopped and checked until the fault is removed.

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