[Types of wardrobe doors] What types of wardrobe doors are there, and which styles are good?

[China Wardrobe] [Difficulty] When we buy the whole wardrobe , I believe that many consumers and friends will pay special attention to the type of wardrobe door, because a beautiful and stylish wardrobe door is often the largest "face project" of the overall wardrobe. So, what kinds of wardrobe doors are there, and which styles are good?

[Question] What are the types of wardrobe doors and which styles are good?

Wardrobe door type

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There are three common types of wardrobe doors:

1, sliding door

At present, there are more sliding doors in the whole wardrobe of the market, and sliding door wardrobes are gradually becoming popular among consumers. The biggest advantage of sliding doors is that they save space and improve the space utilization of the room, which is undoubtedly a boon for the consumers. In addition, today's sliding door design is relatively new, the style is also more diverse, and visually more popular than the traditional swing door.

2, swing door

It is more traditional to use the swing door as the wardrobe door. It is because of tradition that the swing door wardrobe has not been abandoned by the market. Moreover, some consumers also understand that there are many factors to consider when choosing a sliding door. For example, whether the design of the cabinet door and the cabinet is reasonable, and whether the quality of the hardware is passed, etc. If you do not know the purchase, you may buy the quality. Problem with the wardrobe. If the room is more plentiful and more traditional, the swing door is also a good choice.

3, folding door

Folding doors are more demanding in terms of quality than sliding doors, so good folding doors are also relatively expensive. This kind of door is relatively space-saving than the swing door, and has more opening space than the sliding door, and the clothes in the closet are clear at a glance. Some rustic style wardrobes often use folding doors as cabinet doors.

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