Recommended European Style Products of Huahe Wooden Door Caesarro Series

European-style classical architecture has always been regarded as a classic by the industry. Until today, European-European style is still loved by many people. In addition to its exquisite atmospheric carving and design style, its mysterious temperament and noble status are also favored by many high-end people. Here we will introduce Chinese crane wooden door of a very European style Kaisa Luo series HH-V07 doors.

Huahe wooden door Caesar series HH-V07 has a generous overall design, exquisite workmanship, strong sense of layering, meticulous pattern carving, which is not only durable but also beautiful.

[ Design: Classic European style ] Huahe wooden door Caesar series HH-V07 wooden door is mainly European-style classical design, bold use of classic Roman column shape and carving process, exquisite workmanship. The hand-carved crowfoot pattern is quite beautiful, and the European design style makes the whole wooden door look very temperamental. Since Crowfoot is a medicinal plant, carving also implies a healthy longevity and happiness.

【 Material: Red Oak 】 Huahe wooden door Caesarro HH-V07 wooden door has the distinctive color and natural mountain-shaped texture of red oak. The touch surface has texture and high grade. It is very suitable for making European style wooden doors. The mellow taste is transformed into colors scattered in the senses and touch, giving a taste from grapes, warm and fragrant, more like an old wine, waiting for collection. The texture is prominent, and there is a feeling of vicissitudes, as if the old things are nostalgic for a long time, and it shows a romantic and calm and warm atmosphere.

In addition to the special color and texture, the shape of the entire wooden door is also unique. The shape of the door leaf and the door cover is thought to respond. The solid wood door with a vertical vertical bar shape is very three-dimensional and linear, and the bow on the top of the door leaf makes The shape of the wooden door is more unique. It puts a rich, stable, tranquil and natural sense in the heavy-weight shape, which has a unique aesthetic meaning.

[ Paint: Three bottoms and four sides spraying process ] Huahe wooden door paint is a wholly-owned Xuanhua environmental protection paint from Japan, and the paint spraying is completed on an automatic paint spraying production line imported from Italy. The process features three bottoms and four sides. It is through the three processes of base color, primer, topcoat and seven times of finishing, so that the adhesion of the paint film and the hardness of the surface paint film reach the highest standards. Each wooden door of Huahe He has to go through dozens of painting procedures, and every link has quality inspection, which also ensures that the final color of the wooden door is bright, and it is not easy to fade and change color.

【 Hardware accessories 】 Huahe Caesar HH-V07 wooden door hinges and locks are all designed and tailored by the designer. The style and color are matched with the door. The lock body has the Caesar logo and has a patent Protection belongs to Huahe. The material of zinc alloy is solid and hard, and the appearance is also smooth and bright. The exquisite pattern carving has a European style and echoes with the entire wooden door carving, making the whole very harmonious.

Conclusion: The Huahe wooden door Caesarro HH-V07 wooden door reflects the noble taste, reflects the beautiful atmosphere of the home, makes your home look gorgeous but elegant, perfectly demonstrates the host ’s high-end atmospheric status and elegant taste, and makes the home full of romantic warmth At the same time as the atmosphere, there is quietly low-key luxury!

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Wooden door wooden door brand Huahe wooden door European style characteristics

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