Practical is the most popular wardrobe for Wang Dao.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Whether your wardrobe is expensive or cheap, it is still used for storage. The whole wardrobe is square or push-pull or flat, and the color is white or wood color. Basically, you don't have to think about whether the wardrobe and bedroom are too much. The style of the match, practical and not practical, look at the wardrobe below.

Practical wardrobe design

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Modern roasting lacquer combination wardrobe

Reference price : 4480.00 yuan

Shopping guide reason : extremely simple lines, even lines are caused by uneven lines, simple and generous.

Modern minimalist wardrobe

City window wardrobe

Reference price : in-store negotiation

Shopping guide reason : black and white, the two colors have a gray metallic texture, symmetrical design, so that the wardrobe is dignified and simple.

Chemical Fiber Roller Brush

Pile material:Chemical fiber
Pile height:6mm 12mm 18mm or Customized design
Roller Cover dia(mm):38mm.36mm.40mm
Size:4" 5" 7" 9" 10" or Customized design
Style:European style or American
Rod material:Zinc-coated or Chrome-coated
Rod dia(mm):6mm or 8mm
Handle material Plastic (PP) or Plastic(PP+TPR)
Handle color:Customized design
Usage:Home or industry

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