Recommend the world's leading bathroom products American standard bathroom cabinet

Everyone must have heard of the American Standard brand. Its bathroom cabinets are the world's leading products. The perfect product design and excellent quality have won the favor and praise of consumers around the world. How about the American standard bathroom cabinet ? We will learn more about it through the following articles.

Introduction of American Standard Bathroom Cabinet:

American Standard Sanitary Ware originated in 1872. After many years of operation and development, it has become the world's leading developer and manufacturer of sanitary products. It mainly manufactures and sells sanitary and kitchen equipment and equipped facilities. It has four price ranges: economic, basic, luxury and super luxury , Is one of the largest kitchen and bathroom supplies suppliers in China.

American standard bathroom cabinet recommendation: Birmingham series floor-standing bathroom cabinet

American Standard's Birmingham series floor-standing bathroom cabinets are simple and natural in appearance, compatible with super-strong, and maximize the storage space. The cabinet body is carefully made of high-quality solid wood multilayer boards, durable, with white marble countertops and integrated fine ceramics The washbasin is clean and generous and easy to clean; the cabinet surface is treated with multiple layers of paint and has excellent moisture resistance. All hardware accessories are of high quality. The hinges and guide rails are made of well-known brand products. Silent slow closing, high hardness and dense oxide surface treatment , Extremely scratch-resistant, more durable. Adjustable aluminum alloy bracket, practical and convenient, with super high cost performance, strict cost control for your love home.

American standard bathroom cabinet recommended: Prague series floor-standing bathroom cabinet

The latest Prague series bathroom cabinets of American Standard are designed with noble and generous design and modern beauty. The series combines modern and classic, with noble and elegant colors, and is compatible with super-strong bathroom design styles to maximize storage space. The cabinet is made of high quality The solid wood multilayer board is elaborately made and durable. It is equipped with an integrated fine ceramic washbasin. It is clean and generous and easy to clean. The surface is made of acid and alkali resistant materials, which is safe and hygienic. The cabinet surface is made of low formaldehyde E1 grade solid wood multilayer board and environmental protection paint. Layers, highly freehand green environmental protection theme. The cabinet is well-defined and full of lines, and the distressed silver aluminum alloy handles show the retro style; the bottom cabinet corner lines are rounded, the details interpret the beauty of classic design, and the degree of application is high. It can easily meet both wall drainage and floor drainage. mode.

American Standard Bathroom Cabinet Price

American Standard CP-F314 Tang Sige Classical Bathroom Cabinet ï¿¥ 3588

American Standard Bern Series Floor-standing Bathroom Cabinet ï¿¥ 3668.00

American Standard New Princeton CP-F308.008 Bathroom Cabinet ï¿¥ 2950

American Standard CP-0F51.001 Concept Smart Bathroom Cabinet ï¿¥ 2188

The above is the relevant introduction about the quality of the American standard bathroom cabinet . I hope it will help you. More exciting content will be uploaded later.

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