Ancient charm full double door American wardrobe effect picture appreciation

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] American furniture style is a kind of compatible and inclusive style. In the United States, from interior design to home furnishings design, the country style has always occupied an important position. It has a very special nostalgic, romantic complex, and this complex also makes the courtesy of the classical style of the court style not inferior. The following American double-door wardrobe is not only ancient and full of emotion.

Product Name: Meikemeijia wardrobe

Meikemei home wardrobe

Viewed from the outside, it is easy to match with neutral color. The flying quilt on the top of the wardrobe is shaped like an eave to stretch out, which enhances the beauty of the line. The bottom of the cabinet breaks the limitation of traditional straight or rounded corners, and is designed with inverted squares. It seems to be stable.

Solid wood wardrobe

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The white mahogany veneer is full of old-fashioned, with a strong nostalgic color. The louvered door design brings a casual and modern atmosphere. This wardrobe features a selection of American rubber wood and white mahogany veneer. The rubber wood itself is hard and durable. It is the best wood in the current furniture materials. The stencil texture is clear and the material is good. The white peach core has strong luster and straight texture; the weight is light, the surface is slightly raised, the adhesive property is good, the moisture resistance is slightly resistant to corrosion, and the veneer has the characteristics of the wood itself. The jagged wood panels in the closet are not contaminated by glue, and the damage to the wood caused by the screws is reduced.

Capacitive Touch Whiteboard

Capacitive Touch Whiteboard

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