Deli shower room custom shower room introduction

Deli shower room is recognized as the "king of non-standard" in the industry. Deli custom shower room is also unique. Let's learn about Deli custom shower room with the editor.

Deli shower room custom shower room introduction

Deli shower room has added a non-standard customized department, specializing in serving non-standard customized customers, with dedicated technical staff to open molds, developed more than twenty product series, more than 1,000 non-standard products, satisfying many people Each year, the factory can customize more than 10,000 non-standard shower rooms. Although it sometimes takes the risk of losing money, the brand philosophy of Dali as a century-old store insists on serving customers.

There are standard, non-standard and abnormal non-standard products in Deli shower room. Usually our customers will choose to be standard products, but some customers like to pursue individuality, and our non-standard customization is to specifically serve this group of people. Other manufacturers are reluctant to do it. There are many non-standard solutions, such as the exchange of handles, but they must also meet the relevant conditions. The distance between the hole of the handle and the hole of the glass must be the same. The handle of the flat open series cannot affect the normal opening of the movable door. Change.

Non-standard treatment for shower room (screen), with protruding water pipes or waist lines on the wall, framed shower room can be opened with Fangtonglian wall material, and without frame, through glass with gap; framed and frameless screen matching Window lintels; when the angle of the joint wall of the shower room (screen) is not 90 °, special angle joint wall materials are used; the non-standard treatments such as the connection between the shower room and the bathtub, the opening of the glass, etc., all require a lot of manpower, it can be said The difficulty is higher, but when Deli manufactures non-standard customized customers, the non-standard is made into a normal standard, and the products required by these customers are produced in inventory, so that when the non-standard order is received, it can be quickly To meet customer needs and be prepared.

Some consumers have already installed a bathtub in the bathroom at home. Due to the limited space in the bathroom, there is no place to install a shower room. Do you need to remove the bathtub if you encounter such problems? The Deli shower room can be used as a non-standard design for connecting the bathtub, and the shower room is directly installed on one side of the bathtub. The bathtub is connected to the shower room through a small aluminum material, that is, to avoid the connection between the bathtub side and the shower room, not only to avoid the accumulation of dirt between the bathtub side and the shower room glass, but also to solve the sealing problem.

The road of non-standard customization of Deli, from the beginning to the gradual development, has now become the leading brand in the industry. The hard work is believed to be obvious to all. We can say that we are for survival, but now we are more willing to say that it is a customized service. Quality is the cornerstone. Based on the quality of Seiko, we have taken into account the needs that consumers really desire, and the difficulties encountered in home improvement, getting rid of the monotonous bathroom space design, allowing consumers to experience more unique Shower experience,

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