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[ Chinese and foreign toy network August 28th] Yo-Yo (YO-YO), the earliest record of history books appeared in Greece 500 years ago; according to legend, the 16th century, the Philippine hunting people in the hunting and fighting equipment used in the rope The front end of the hang is a weapon that looks like a long-awaited weapon. About 300 years ago, it was passed to Japan and was nicknamed "unicycle" or "money wheel", which was very popular among young people. In the early 18th century, it was popular in the United Kingdom with the "Prince Treasure" and in France in the name of "Norman Long", especially in the upper class of France and the United Kingdom. Since then, the names of such toys and "young" have spread from France to the rest of the world.
Yo-Yo 000
Yo-Yo: It is not only a sport, but also one of the most difficult and most entertaining skills in the world. Some people say that Yo-Yo is an educational toy , but Yo-Yo is definitely not comparable to an educational toy. Yoyo (YOYO), a word that everyone is no stranger to, is often understood as a childish toy . In fact, the Yo-Yo is called "the second oldest toy in the world." (The oldest toy is a doll ). But after many years of continuous innovation and development, Yo-Yo is becoming a global skill movement. Because each player's style and homemade style are different, so the technical style of the Yo-Yo is very diverse, it can be said to be a sea of ​​technology. There are thousands of fancy groups in the current mainstream, and there are thousands of fancy types in each group, and there are still many new fancy models being researched every year.
The professional game style of Yo-Yo is quite different from that of some TV series. In professional competitions, players need to cooperate with music and combine a myriad of fancy styles into a set of technical performances within a specified time. The referee scores according to the difficulty, appreciation, and fluency of each movement of the player, and counts the accumulated points as the final score of the player. The technical performance of the high-level Yo-Yo players can even connect countless shocking technical fancy styles to the audience in one breath, so it is also very high-visibility, dizzying and unobtrusive.
The history book was first recorded in Greece, 500 years ago. The National Museum in Athens still holds such a ceramic jar, and the characters in the jar are holding the ancestor of the long. The material of this toy is wood, metal or clay with a color, and the pattern is mostly the image of the gods.
YO-YO originates from the Philippine language (Tagalog) meaning "return" or "go back." In 1500 AD, the Philippine hunters used heavy objects such as dried fish and shells at the front end of a 20-foot (about 6-meter) rope as a tool for hunting animals and fighting.
It is said that the children of the hunting nation made the tool into a smaller model and started to play. This is the origin of the long.
In 1700, the long journey from China to Nagasaki, Japan, spread westward to India and from India to Europe. In Japan, Yo-Yo is nicknamed "unicycle" or "money wheel" and is very popular among young people.
At the beginning of the 18th century, it was popular in the United Kingdom with the "Prince Treasure" and in France in the name of "Norman Long", especially in the upper class of France and the United Kingdom. It was regarded by the nobles as a fashionable and noble toy. .
At the International Art Museum, you can also see an oil painting titled YO-YO with King George IV, showing the popularity of YO-YO in Europe at the time.
The name YO-YO first appeared in 1920. A Filipino named Pedro Flores brought YO-YO to the United States, where he worked at the hotel and took it up at leisure. Later he founded his own toy company, Flores YoYo Company.
In 1929, after seeing the potential of YO-YO, Donno Duncan set up a company under the same name (DUNCAN) and began to train demonstrations, perform and guide people to play YO-YO, and hold competitions.
In 1950, Duncan produced the first rubberized YO-YO and butterfly-shaped YO-YO. YO-YO was hot out in 1962, and Duncan promoted the YO-YO show to TV. In November 1965, Duncan was unable to continue and declared bankruptcy. Taken by Flambeau, 11 Duncan YO-YO balls are still popular today. Due to the high profitability of making yo-yo, many companies have launched yo-yo. In 1978 Tom Kuhn made YO-YO named No Live 3-in-1, which was the first YO-YO to convert bearings. In 1980, Michael Caffrey invented YO-YO, which can be automatically recycled. In the year, nylon bearings and ball bearings YO-YO appeared, which increased the idle time again and made more fancy. On April 12, 1985, YO-YO was first brought into space by the NASA Discovery Spacecraft as part of the space toy program. They found that there was no downward force of gravity, and they could not spin back and return to the line. It also confirmed that the yo-yo must throw, instead of falling freely, because there is no gravity to stop. On July 31, 1992, YO-YO was once again brought into space, this time to shoot a teaching tape including a yo-yo.
This has made the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and other places, and has established a long-awaited association, such as AYYA (American Youyou Association), JYYA (Japan Yo-Yo Association).
In the 1990s, the YO-YO movement originated in Hawaii and had a world championship. From 1997 to 1998, Japanese toy giant BANDAI represented YOMEGA, one of the three major brands in YO-YO, bringing the YO-YO movement to Asia. Using BANDAI's powerful production capabilities, YO-YO was changed to the animation "Speeding YO-YO", and the most famous YO-YO TEAM-THP was promoted in Japan. Later, THP-JAPEN was founded. The most famous ones are Alex from the United States and Nakamura celebrities in Japan. I believe that players who have seen the "Speedy YO-YO" animation are familiar with these two people. In the era when the professionalism of players has just sprouted, these two predecessors are as legendary, and the venues where the performances are full are full.
From the 1980s to the 1990s, Guo Dawang, a professional player of YO-YO in Taiwan, went to the mainland to promote the gameplay and set off a YO-YO boom.
Similarly, in 1998 in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places in China, Audi Toys Co., Ltd. invited two other THP members Jennifer and Sky to perform, and the second YO-YO boom in China.
In 2001, China introduced the cartoon "Speeding YO-YO". After the animation was broadcast, the YO-YO fever in the country broke out again. The timing of this explosion is catching up with the arrival of the Internet era. YO-YO players knew each other and settled on the Internet. Soon after, the craze retreated, but the YO-YO movement really took root in China. Four years later, with the hit of "The Fire King" by Audi Toys Co., Ltd., YO-YO was finally recognized by most people, and it made ordinary people recognize YO-YO. Then the media involved, the game progressed, the circle of this YO-YO player is slowly getting bigger.
China also has a formal YO-YO competition. The 2006 National Yo-Yo contest was broadcast on CCTV Children's Channel. I believe many friends have already learned the true gameplay of YO-YO. Since then, domestic competitions have emerged in an endless stream, providing the impetus for the vigorous development of the Yo-Yo.
With the popularity of the Internet, thousands of online information about YO-YO can be searched online. There are also many Chinese professional YO-YO websites that carry out teaching and player exchanges.
A yo-yo can be divided into three types according to different shapes: standard type, butterfly shape and super wide-width emphasis butterfly shape.
Standard type: suitable for quick play and simple line action, suitable for beginners.
Butterfly shape: It is suitable for more complex line movements and is the best choice for beginners to advance to intermediate level. But not very suitable for quick play.
Super wide and heavy butterfly shape: special for the master, belonging to the ball for the competition, the structure is mostly ball bearing, the longest idle time, easy to take the line.
There is also a drum type: suitable for quick play, but it is not easy to take the line.
Increased butterfly shape: This type of ball is heavier and difficult to recycle, but it has a long idle time and is suitable for complicated wire-laying actions. Belongs to a more professional sphere.
Model V5: With a bearing in the middle of the yo-yo, it is used to reduce the friction between the rope and the ball. It is the most powerful spherical ball at present, and there is no one.
According to its different construction, the two yo-yo balls can be divided into three types, namely, integral shape, bearing type and clutch type. Different types of yo-yo have no
Same performance, suitable for a variety of different gameplay.
Integral type
The structure is the simplest, the whole can not be split, the rebound time is very fast, the most suitable for the ring game, can make a very beautiful, chic "Thunder", "swing three hits" and other play methods. Suitable for beginners.
Bearing type
Including wooden bearings, nylon bearings and ball bearings kk bearings 4, the overall can be split, the rope is placed on the bearing, can be idle for a long time. Suitable for rope play, sleep play, can be used as a "tornado, wind and cloud" and other fascinating techniques. Suitable for medium and advanced players. Nylon bearings reduce friction and extend idle time. The reason is that a nylon bearing is mounted on the metal shaft, and the rope is placed in the groove of the nylon bearing, and the friction between the rope and the shaft is replaced by the lower sliding friction between the bearing and the metal shaft, and the resistance is reduced, so the idle time can be Extend 2-3 times. The ball bearing has a longer idle time. The secret lies in the fact that there are a plurality of small steel balls that can be flexibly rolled and have small clearances between the inner and outer shafts. The rolling of the small steel balls (that is, the rolling friction instead of the general sliding friction) ) The inner and outer bearings can be smoothly rotated to effectively reduce the frictional resistance.
Clutch type
It can realize the automatic return of the long, which is the clutch that uses the centrifugal force. When the ball rotates at high speed, the metal ball is subjected to the centrifugal force to open the clutch and become the idling state. When the speed is decelerated, the spring force is larger than the centrifugal force, the clutch is closed and fixed. The bearing. Suitable for ring and sleep play. Suitable for beginners.

   (Source: Chinese and foreign toy network )

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