Is the quality of carbon fiber Yuba good?

Yuba has become one of the indispensable sanitary equipments for people, from the most primitive lamp-heating type, to the air-heating type, and to the combined lamp-heating and air-heating type. With the advancement of technology, the technology of making Yuba is also With continuous development, nowadays, there is another kind of carbon fiber Yuba. So, what is carbon fiber Yuba? How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber Yuba? Let's take a look together now!

Carbon fiber Yuba

Carbon fiber bathroom heater breaks through the single function of traditional heating equipment, and uses the top aerospace technology material carbon fiber in the heating field. After high-tech processing, its far-infrared heating efficiency is as high as 98%, which is 30% more energy-efficient than traditional bathroom heaters. Unmatched by heating elements such as light bulbs, halogen tubes and ordinary carbon fiber. As the internal composition and distribution of carbon fiber are fully optimized, the far-infrared levels released are also rich, so that the functions of warming, heating, and sterilization are more fully realized in the different bands of far infrared. The carbon fiber bath heater with high-efficiency warming function developed by this technology has achieved revolutionary breakthroughs in six major standards including heating, environmental protection, longevity, safety, health care and energy saving.

Advantages of carbon fiber Yuba:

1. The carbon fiber thermal pipe does not oxidize under high temperature, does not increase resistance, does not burn out due to current overload, extends the service life to more than 8000 hours, and has strong aging resistance.

2. Its unique carbon fiber thermal tube has high heat conversion efficiency, which is more than 30% energy-saving than general metal heating elements, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. No glare, not only can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, but also help to improve body function and endocrine balance, thereby improving the body's immunity and achieving the purpose of warming health care and alleviating fatigue. The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber Yuba

4. Can meet the different needs of the four seasons of the year, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

5. The heating efficiency is high, the temperature rises quickly, and it also has a certain health care effect.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber Yuba:

1. The power is large, and the switch used is difficult to withstand such a large power, and the switch is easy to burn.

2. After use, turn off the switch. If the thermistor is broken, the motor can't continue to supply air to cool the heating tube according to the temperature inside. Some plastic parts may even catch fire if the plastic non-fireproof material.

3. All electrical products, if the water vapor is too heavy, will cause leakage. The ceiling electrical appliances are installed in the bathroom, the water vapor will be heavy, and the ceiling is all aluminum metal plate, which can be conductive. Therefore, in the actual use process, please remember that the shower time should not be too long, and the exhaust fan must be turned on, and the packaging water vapor can be discharged in time to ensure safety.

4. The production history is still relatively short. Whether the quality of the product's overheat protection device (or heat insulation device) has passed the clearance is still a question worthy of investigation. Now, the use of carbon fiber Yuba in our daily life is more common, and understanding its advantages and disadvantages will be of great help to us in the purchase and use of carbon fiber Yuba.

Precautions for use of carbon fiber Yuba

1. It should be installed in the center of the bathroom

Many families install the carbon fiber Yuba above the bathtub or shower, so that the surface seems to heat up quickly in winter but there are hidden safety risks. Because the infrared radiation lamp heats up quickly, it is easy to burn the human body if it is too close. The correct method is to install the Yuba in the center of the top of the bathroom, or slightly closer to the bathtub, so that it is safe and maximizes the function.

2. Spraying with water is prohibited during work

Special care should be taken when using: Although Yuba is waterproof, it must not be splashed with water in actual use. Although Yuba ’s waterproof bulbs are waterproof, metal parts in the body cannot do this, that is, The metal in the body is still conductive. If it is splashed with water, it will cause a danger such as a short circuit in the power supply.

The above is the relevant content about the advantages and disadvantages of the carbon fiber Yuba. After reading these, you have a good idea of ​​the quality of the carbon fiber Yuba. If you still have any questions, please leave a message and we will answer your questions as soon as possible! For more information, please follow this website!

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