Proper use of electric water heaters away from hidden dangers

Today, electric water heaters have entered every household. However, accidents caused by improper use of electric water heaters have also occurred. Let's follow the editor to learn how to use the electric water heater correctly, let safety be with you!

Working principle of electric water heater:

Electric water heaters are heated and unheated through the on and off of the thermostat. The common concept of heat preservation is short-term heating. When heating, the rated power of the water heater is still used. After the circuit is connected, if the water temperature is lower than 50 ℃ (the critical temperature set by most brands), the thermostat is automatically turned on, the water heater starts to heat, and the water temperature reaches the preset temperature of the water heater (most brands are 75 ℃ ~ 85 ℃) ), The thermostat is disconnected and the water heater stops heating.

According to different working principles, electric water heaters can be divided into two types of products: instant electric water heaters and storage electric water heaters. Let's introduce the correct usage of these two electric water heaters for everyone.

How to use instant electric water heater:

Instant electric water heaters are what we usually call fast-heating electric water heaters, which mainly use high-power current to instantly heat the water temperature to a constant temperature. Instant electric water heaters have high energy efficiency and less heat loss during heating. They are the most advanced types of electric water heaters currently on the market and are mainly used for bathroom showers and daily hot water use in kitchens and homes.

1. After confirming the location and installation when you buy it back, the first step is to pass water. After passing water, turn on the electricity to prevent the new machine from burning dry.

2. When you use it normally, you should pay attention to turning off the power and turning off the water after using it. After a long time, please pay attention to clean and clean the filter of the water purification inside. Prevent clogging.

3. Replace the magnesium rod. Most of the current electric water heaters are designed and installed with magnesium rods, which are used as sacrificial anodes in the water heater. Because the metal activity of magnesium is higher than that of iron, when the magnesium rod is exposed at the same time as the ordinary steel plate, the magnesium rod is first corroded away in place of the steel plate, thereby achieving the purpose of maintaining the inner tank.

4. Regular cleaning. After the instant electric water heater is used for a period of time, scales and dirt will be generated on the inner tank and the surface of the heating pipe, which affects the quality of the effluent and causes a great reduction in heat exchange efficiency. If it is not cleared in time, it will not only waste electrical energy, but also lead to shortened life of the heating tube and liner due to poor heat conduction of the heating tube, or even damage due to overheating. Therefore, electric water heaters should be bathed regularly.

How to use the storage water heater:

1. In the case of infrequent use of hot water (for example, once every two or three days), the frequency of use of electric water heaters is not high, then you can turn off the power of the storage type electric water heater during the time of non-use It was opened the previous hour, so it can save a lot of electricity.

2. For the use of electric water heaters every day, but the amount of hot water used is not very large, then turn on the heating function of the storage type electric water heater one hour before use. At other times, turning off unnecessary functions can also save Part of the electricity bill.

3. When hot water is frequently used and the amount of hot water is relatively large, it is recommended to keep the storage type electric water heater turned on all the time, but the temperature of the hot water can be adjusted according to the frequency of use and the amount of hot water used Energy saving effect.

4. Be sure to fill it with cold water before heating it with electricity. And the tap water is required to be normally open to ensure that there is always water in the water tank. To prevent burns during use, you can first open the cold water valve, and then open the hot water valve; when closed, first close the hot water valve, and then close the cold water valve.

Compared with the instant electric water heater, the storage electric water heater is much worse in working efficiency and energy efficiency, but the product structure is simple, and the storage electric water heater is much lower in product price than the instant electric water heater. It is the most widely used type of electric water heater on the market.

Even if the quality of a product is good, if it is not used properly, the life will not be very long. Therefore, before using an electric water heater, learn more about its instructions and some precautions. After all, safety is the most important.

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