Monochrome printing requirements for ink

Perhaps in the eyes of the average person, the printing of monochrome samples is much simpler than that of color samples, and the requirements for inks are relatively low. In practice, however, the printing staff pointed out that the requirements for ink for monochrome sample printing are not low, and the modulation of ink has a great influence on the quality of monochrome sample printing.

The stronger the polarity of the ink is, the more emulsifying it will be. The viscosity of the ink will increase its cohesion, that is, the viscosity will enhance the adhesion between the ink molecules. Therefore, when printing a single-color sample, its water resistance should be strengthened, and the viscosity of the ink must be adjusted during the printing process to achieve suitable printing suitability, which will affect the emulsification of the ink. Professionals will control the amount of ink added when preparing the ink. Generally, the ink will not only dilute the ink color, but also increase the fluidity of the ink color, reduce the viscosity, and reduce the cohesion between the molecules. produce.

From the point of view of the nature of the pigments in the ink, the quality of the pigments used in inks of different colors differs, which determines the difference in emulsification value. For example, the ink made of carbon ink pigment has a low emulsification value and is not easy to emulsify. This is mainly because carbon ink has good water repellency. For inks made of lake pigments, the pigments such as aluminum hydroxide and aluminum barium white are hydrophilic, and the ink structure is easily destroyed during the printing process. The pigment particles may act as an emulsifier, resulting in ink emulsification.

As for the effect of auxiliary materials in the printing of monochrome samples. In the ink, auxiliaries such as driers, sprinklers, and lighteners are generally added. The main components of the driers are metal soaps, and the remaining water-soluble salt substances have strong hygroscopicity. Acts as a powerful emulsifier. Adding a certain amount of drier to the ink can accelerate the drying of the oil. However, excessive addition will also have a negative effect, which can lead to ink emulsification and reduce the ink drying speed.

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