Analyze the internal structure size and size of the overall wardrobe needs to be rationally designed

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the family, the role of the wardrobe is self-evident, in order to make the interior of the wardrobe more tidy, we should pay attention to the interior design of the wardrobe, then how to do the interior design of the wardrobe? In fact, the size of the interior design of different wardrobes, The sizes are different.

Wardrobe interior design

1. Structure of straight wardrobe

Wardrobe internal structure

1) The combination of the panel wardrobe is a side panel top (bottom) panel, and the connection between the side panel and the top (bottom) panel is connected by a three-in-one and a wood tip. There are foot lines on the front and back of the wardrobe, and the height of the foot line is 70mm.

2) The wardrobe should be tricked. If there is no top cabinet, add a 18mm thick 180mm wide upper backing plate to the upper rail of the door, and add a 18mm thick 110mm wide underneath. The lower pad of the lower pad is mounted on the lower rail of the door.

3) For the side panel of the closet of the wardrobe, the top (bottom) board is a cabinet of 490 mm deep, the back board has a groove of 15 mm, and the groove width is 6*6 mm deep. The deck depth is 475 mm. For the side panels, the top (bottom) panels are 550 mm deep cabinets, the back panel has a slot of 15 mm and the slot width is 6*6 mm deep. The deck depth is 485 mm.

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