Human anti-EB virus antibody (EBV) ELISA kit use method

Purpose of use: This kit is used to determine the expression of anti-EBV antibody (EBV) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental principle The kit uses a double antigen sandwich method to determine the expression of human anti-EBV antibody (EBV) in the specimen. The microporous plate is coated with the purified antigen to prepare a solid phase antigen, which can be combined with the anti-EB virus antibody (EBV) in the sample, washed to remove the unbound antigen and other components, and then combined with the HRP-labeled antigen to form The antigen-antibody-enzyme-labeled antigen complex was thoroughly washed and added to the substrate TMB for color development. TMB is converted to blue under the catalysis of HRP enzyme and converted to the final yellow color by the action of an acid. The absorbance (OD value) was measured at a wavelength of 450 nm using a microplate reader, and compared with the CUTOFF value to determine the presence or absence of a human anti-EBV antibody (EBV) in the specimen.

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