Meal kitchenware disinfection health monitoring and technical guidance

Disinfection of meals, kitchen utensils, disinfection, sanitary monitoring and technical guidance. Establish a responsibility system for the disinfection of kitchen utensils. Each cooking unit shall designate a person with good skills and high quality to be responsible for disinfection implementation and registration. Clearly specify the type, method, time of disinfection, preservation method after disinfection, tableware distribution measures, and advocate thermal disinfection measures such as boiling disinfection or infrared ozone disinfection. Health personnel regularly conduct microbiological tests on the kitchen utensils to check the disinfection effect.

Food inspection is to strengthen the responsibility of the responsible person, requiring all foods to be inspected for 48 hours. It is contained in a special sample-retaining tool, and the sample volume is 100-200g. Using the HACCP method, SARS prevention and food hygiene support were carried out for 45 food units in six large units, including resident units, colleges, grassroots companies, and guest houses. The system of ensuring food procurement, processing and storage of the armed forces is strict, and the measures are effective. Personal hygiene, health in the camps, and hygienic conditions in the canteens are effective, effectively preventing the SARS epidemic and the occurrence of foodborne infectious diseases. Among them, the pass rate of the serving tray, the main dish, the vegetable pot, the soup pot and the chopsticks are all above 90%. SARS has a high speed of transmission and a high mortality rate. In the case of unclear sources of infection and unknown transmission routes, how to enable the troops to carry out SARS prevention work while taking less effort and taking stricter measures in a shorter period of time. Effective measures to ensure the health and safety of the troops' diet are of great significance for the prevention of SARS and the safety and stability of the troops.

Therefore, the HACCP method is particularly suitable for food hygiene guarantees during special periods or special events where tasks are urgent and demanding. In the process of implementing the HACCP system, our experience is: 1 In order to implement the HACCP system, it is necessary to strengthen the technical guidance to the grassroots units, help them analyze the hazard factors, determine the key control points, and make the measures truly implemented. 2 According to the control points, detailed health guidance rules shall be formulated to guide the troops to implement item by item, so that all kinds of personnel have scientific basis for work; using objective indicators such as microbiological indicators to test, the objective evaluation criteria for the inspection of sanitary conditions of kitchen utensils and canteens are beneficial to Mobilize the enthusiasm of all types of personnel.

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