The long-lasting fragrance of the camphor wood wardrobe daily maintenance makes the wardrobe still style

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the development of society, many high-end furniture appeared, as well as the rise of classical furniture. At present, the rise of eucalyptus furniture has made many people linger, and the camphor wood furniture and decorations are placed in the living room. The faint scent, the air is filled with a sweet and pleasant taste, making people breathe and refreshing.

Wardrobe maintenance

The wardrobe made of camphor wood is more popular, because the aroma of camphor wood has unique and practical functions, which can deworm and mold. It has been the best material for making wardrobes and boxes since ancient times. Craftsman's finely crafted, simple and elegant, beautiful and generous; store clothes and calligraphy in the beech furniture, the items are not only mold-free, but also smelly and aromatic; the stored items are taken with natural and elegant fragrance, lasting for a long time.

So in daily life, how to maintain the wardrobe of the camphor wood to make the wardrobe still style?

First, the camphor wood wardrobe is different from other wardrobes. It should be damp and not dry. Therefore, the camphor wood wardrobe should not be exposed to the sun. Do not blow the air conditioner against the furniture.

Second, the camphor wood wardrobe should be stored in a moderate amount, and the objects stored in the cabinet should not exceed the door frame. If the hard plug is often hardened, the cabinet door will be deformed.

Third, the sapwood floor of the camphor wood wardrobe is generally brittle, such as the table top and the chair surface. Always pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks. If you find that there is dislocation at the force when using or moving, be sure to re-gluing and sealing.

Fourth, the camphor wood wardrobe is generally used for a long time, so usually should always protect the furniture surface coating, preferably every three months, with a little wax to wipe once, not only to increase the beauty of the furniture, but also protect the wood.

Fifth, prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents from turning over. Otherwise the furniture surface will be 'scarred'. When the surface of the furniture is stained with dirt, wash it with mild soapy water, dry it, and then wax it once to restore the original appearance, but avoid using solvent-based liquid such as gasoline, kerosene or turpentine, otherwise the surface will be wiped off. The gloss of the paint and lacquer.

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