All oak wardrobes are only oak doors

Mr. Xie is a Huang Dian shop in Jiangnan Street, Yongkang City, and will move to a new home.

On December 5 last year, he went to a furniture store in Yongkang City and purchased a wardrobe and a top cabinet with five doors. These two cabinets are the sample cabinets of the store, and the price is very favorable, as long as 4,500 yuan.

At the time of purchase, the store said that the two cabinets were “all-oak” and opened an “order plan”, which stated “five-door wardrobes and top cabinets (samples), all-oak.” The next day, Mr. Xie prepaid a payment of 2,000 yuan.

Soon, the store delivered the door to the installation. At that time, Mr. Xie found that the goods were wrong, only the doors were all oak, and the Other parts were not oak.

Subsequently, Mr. Xie repeatedly negotiated with the store and there was no result. Under a sigh of relief, Mr. Xie seriously studied the "Cancellation Law" and complained to the local 12315 on February 25 this year, asking the store to provide "all oak" five-door wardrobe and top cabinet according to the contract; otherwise, return, let the store double It also returned 2,000 yuan for its delivery, and returned a total of 4,000 yuan.

"I have been looking for a store again and again. They are all smashing for various reasons. I am deceiving me and I don't understand the law. I have learned the "Clean Law" seriously, and I can clearly see the rights and interests of consumers, and finally succeed in defending rights. Yesterday afternoon, Yongkang citizen Xie told reporters.

Merchants acknowledge that the cabinet is not oak

On February 26, Yongkang City Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 summoned both parties to the scene to investigate the relevant situation.

Mr. Xie provided a “order plan” with the words “five-door wardrobe and top cabinet (sample) full oak, 4500 yuan”; provided a photo of the sample cabinet that has been installed at home.

Finally, the store confessed to the wardrobe and top cabinet sold to Mr. Xie, only the door is full of oak, the cabinet is not oak.

Since the cabinet is not oak, what is its material?

The store called the manufacturer on the spot, and the manufacturer replied: "It is a large core board! The sheet is compressed." What kind of wood is the material for the large core board? The manufacturer did not answer the phone.

The store and the industry and commerce department checked the Internet and found that there is a "blockboard", commonly known as a large core board, which is a special plywood; there are many kinds of wood core boards, such as poplar, birch, pine, paulownia, etc. But whether it is true or not is still to be verified.

If the merchant defaults, he should bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract.

After investigation by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Yongkang City, the parties concerned shall perform their obligations in accordance with the contract and may not change or terminate the contract without authorization. If one of the parties fails to perform the contractual obligations or fulfills the contractual obligations and does not comply with the contract, it shall be liable for breach of contract, such as continuing to perform, taking remedial measures or compensating for losses.

On February 26, after mediation by 12315, the two parties reached a mediation agreement in consideration of the fact that the store has no inventory to change and continue to perform the original contract. First, the store compensates the customer for thousands of yuan. Second, the five have been installed. The door wardrobe and the top cabinet are still owned by the customer, and the other parties do not pursue each other.

According to the agreement, the customer pays 4,500 yuan, after deducting the previously paid payment of 2,000 yuan, and then deducting the compensation, in fact, only pay the store a few hundred yuan.

At present, the local industry and commerce department is still investigating and handling the business operations found in the complaints and suspected of breaking the law.

Pay attention to three points when buying solid wood furniture

In recent years, the consumption of furniture goods has been large, and there have been many complaints. Only last year, Yongkang Industry and Commerce handled more than a dozen cases, and actual rights protection is not easy. Here, the industry and commerce department reminds consumers to pay attention to the following three points when purchasing solid wood furniture:

First, look at the price to understand the market, the price of wood furniture is particularly cheap to buy carefully.

Second, look at the national standard to distinguish the categories, pay attention to the "three is not equal" of solid wood furniture.

In the current national standards for "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture", according to the main material classification of products, wood furniture can be divided into three categories: solid wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture and comprehensive wood furniture. Among them, solid wood furniture is divided into three kinds of solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture. Solid wood furniture can also be divided into solid wood sawn furniture and solid wood plate furniture according to the properties of solid wood.

These categories of furniture have their specific meanings in the national standard, often far from the concept that consumers believe and the business claims, paying special attention to the "three not equal" of solid wood furniture.

1. Pay attention to the combination of solid wood furniture and slab wood.

The combination of wood and wood furniture is not a kind of solid wood furniture, but a comprehensive type of wood furniture. The comprehensive wood furniture refers to the furniture made of a mixture of solid materials, wood-based panels and other materials.

“Substrate” means “material used to make the main parts of furniture”; and “main part” of furniture refers to “parts that support, load and longitudinally separate in furniture”.

If only one piece of the substrate is made of wood-based panels, the other ones are solid wood, and they cannot be called solid wood furniture. They can only be called general wood furniture.

2. Pay attention to solid wood furniture and all solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture refers to “the furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood, and the surface is not covered with furniture”. Solid wood sheet is a solid wood material that is formed by secondary processing of finger joints, laminated timber, etc. Finger-joining refers to “joining short materials by means of finger-joining”. Integration means “scraping a narrow material by means of glue.”

All solid wood furniture means “all wood parts (except mirror pallets and beading) are made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels”.

3. Pay attention to solid wood furniture and natural solid wood furniture.

Natural solid wood furniture, also known as solid wood sawn furniture, refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber.

Solid wood sawn timber refers to “the raw wood directly sawn into the specifications required for the production of furniture, dried materials.”

The surface of solid wood sawn timber and solid wood panel furniture is not veneered, if the veneer belongs to "solid wood veneer furniture".

Third, do not believe in the verbal propaganda of the business, try to sign the contract to express the responsibility, it is recommended to use the "model text of the provincial furniture sales contract."

From March 15, 2012, furniture products have been included in the new three-package catalogue of our province, and the “three guarantees” period of the whole piece is one year.

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