Sichuan University has developed a portable laser-induced breakdown spectrometer

A few days ago, the national major scientific instrument and equipment development special project-"Portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer (LIBS)", led by the Analytical Instrument Research Center of the College of Life Sciences of Sichuan University, was unveiled at the 9th Western China International Scientific Instrument Exhibition. This product is the first portable LIBS instrument independently developed in China. In addition to the advantages similar to the laboratory desktop LIBS, its convenience, portability, on-site, online analysis and other advantages are highly concerned by users and exhibitors at home and abroad. This achievement also marks the improvement of China's ability to independently develop laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy instruments.

Compared with traditional technology, this portable instrument is more versatile and can better serve metallurgy, geology, medicine, biology, environmental pollution monitoring and other fields, providing effective on-site, in-situ, rapid analysis for related industries Technical equipment, so as to speed up the detection speed, shorten the analysis time, reduce analysis costs, improve production efficiency, has broad market prospects and space.

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