Model Zhang Yulin tells the story of weight loss, the gym shows a good figure




Zhang Yulin, Miss World, is also the first Chinese model to receive this honor. So, how does she stay in shape as a model?

First, diet weight loss articles

1 , nutrition mix: eat nutritious meals, morning milk plus sesame, honey, walnut powder, have a good care for the skin and hair. Because it is often in the crew, so I won't pay much attention to the details, but I will consider the combination of the elements.

2 , health food: must consume a certain amount of vitamins every day, but do not deliberately eat any weight loss or health care drugs.

3 , three meals arrangement: I will insist on eating eggs in the morning, I want to eat steamed fish under the permission of noon, eat more vegetables at night, do not eat.

4 , vegetables and fruits: Artemisia selengensis and celery, especially celery It is a calorie-consuming vegetable, which consumes more calories than chewing celery. Can help clean up the oil in the blood vessels. Fruits I like strawberries, peaches and watermelons, especially watermelons, which are good for women's diuretic swelling.

Second, exercise weight loss articles

1. Main sports In the case of conditions, I like to swim. Walk more and take more walks when filming. If you enter the gym, you will run for 30 minutes and do some equipment exercises for about 30 minutes. This allows you to exercise and adjust your body muscle shape.

2 , auxiliary sports Zhang Yulin also loves to practice yoga for ten minutes, before some of the body is weak, I heard that practice can regulate endocrine, relieve and treat shoulder and neck pain. It is very helpful for both physical and mental health. Persistence is very important, and the better you practice.

Recessed Pulls

Recessed Pulls

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