Evaluation: High-quality ace wooden door SY-308 opening and closing free mute expert

company profile

Zhejiang Ace Door Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is located in Jiangshan City, "China's Wooden Door Capital". It is a professional wooden door manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company covers an area of ​​more than 200 acres, with an existing plant of 80,000 square meters and more than 800 employees. Over the years, Zhejiang Ace Door Industry Co., Ltd. has been rated as China's well-known trademark, China's top 30 wooden door companies, EU CE certification, China's top ten preferred brands, industrial and commercial inspection-free enterprises Observe the honorary title of A-level unit and keep the contract.

Product Details:

Product Brand: Ace Wooden Door

Finishing process: paint-free

Opening direction: right outward

Material: wooden

Style: European

Price: 1180 yuan / set

Product link: http://mall.jia.com/item/28593/

1. Appearance

This door is a best-selling mute door in 2013. It has a strong three-dimensional surface and is suitable for Chinese and European decoration styles.

The surface of the door leaf is pressed with ecological film at high temperature and high pressure, with clear texture and strong three-dimensional sense.

Second, the details

The plate adopts thickened Jixiang plate, which is formed and pressed at one time, and the door surface is stronger and more durable.

Compared with the same type of doors in the traditional market, the frame has a stronger concave-convex feeling, a stronger three-dimensional feeling, and a better hand feel.

From the details, we can see the fine craftsmanship of this wooden door, even in the details.

3. Material

The ace wooden door uses dried fir as the base layer, and the surface is pressed with high temperature and high pressure of Jixiang board, which is more environmentally friendly.

The side of the door panel has a high degree of fit, which is more beautiful and durable than traditional market doors.

4. Wear-resistant and stain-resistant

The surface of the ace wooden door Shuya mute series uses a thick ecological film, which is less likely to be scratched than wooden doors of the same type.

After we crossed the coin, the door was still very smooth.

If you are not careful about being scratched by the pen, you can also use a dry cloth to scrub. Note: Please scrub as soon as possible after being scratched!

Evaluation summary : This ace wooden door has a simple and elegant appearance, using dried fir as the base material, and the surface is pressed with auspicious boards, which is more environmentally friendly than the same type of doors in the traditional market. In addition, the product is made of bridge hole mechanical plates, which is more general than the market The set door is thick, the sound insulation effect is better, and the service life is longer. Click on the picture to buy

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