Wardrobe spring is easy to mold four tricks to help consumers solve

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] Spring is coming, the air is humid, the wardrobe is easy to breed mold, not only damage to the wardrobe, but also affect the consumer's body. Therefore, the mildew can be removed by simple measures, and the mold can be used to inhibit the mold. Lime in the corner of the bedroom can also be moisture-proof, and the orange peel is very effective. Therefore, Xiaobian has compiled the following four methods to help you lift the troubles of the wardrobe.

Wardrobe care
Wardrobe spring is easy to mold four tricks to help consumers solve

Simple mildew can be removed

When moldy in the closet, first pay attention to clean the moldy place, usually wipe it with a dry paper towel, or brush with a dry brush to clean the moldy place. If the brush is not clean, wipe it with a damp cloth, and it is often very convenient to remove the mold spots.

Varnish can inhibit mold

If mold is found, in addition to wiping the mold with a cloth, we need to brush the varnish again, which will effectively prevent further mold. Moldy is mostly caused by paint problems, so we can also use the rainforest to clean, then wipe with a clean cloth.

Lime can be lightly protected

The air is damp and prone to mold, so we can put some quicklime in the house, not only can effectively prevent moisture, but also have the effect of disinfection. If the moisture in the closet is too heavy, you can put a tungsten light bulb in the closet and open it when it is wet. It can effectively reduce the moisture in the closet and keep the closet dry.

Orange peel deodorant

When mold enters our home, it can cause some respiratory diseases. In order to prevent this, we can put some desiccant in the closet, which can absorb excess water in the closet and make the wardrobe more dry. At the same time, we can put some orange peel in the closet, and also receive the effect of clear and environmental protection, and pay attention to the ventilation and ventilation of the window. After we have used the wet mop to finish the ground, we should also pay attention to the ventilation of the window.

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