Put out 3 different styles of ceramic tiles in the bathroom

1. Stylized representation of the bathroom wall

Compared with the past uniform decoration design, people's pursuit of personalization is also getting higher and higher, especially the main consumer groups after the 80s. For stylization, everyone has their own different aesthetic needs. In addition to the stylized elements that are well reflected in bathroom products, they also have a good performance in the selection of ceramic tiles. For example, the use of mosaic in the Mediterranean style, the use of antique tiles in the rural style, etc.

2. Break the dryness of the wall with color

Mixing and matching with tiles of different colors can give people a refreshing, fresh and natural visual experience. For example, the color of the tiles is matched with the effect of contrasting colors, and expressed in the form of gradient colors, which can give people a different visual experience.

3. The texture of the tile adds new ideas to the wall

Tiles can not only reflect new ideas in color vision, but also create a very strong visual effect on the surface texture. For example, tiles with imitation wood texture are applied to the floor of the bathroom, not only to create a natural style, but the special texture can also increase the slip resistance of the floor. In addition, there are special textures such as burlap texture, and the special texture of stone wall tiles, which can form a very outstanding performance effect.

Recommended products: Coral Sea stylish geometric wall tiles

Reference price: 28.86 yuan / piece

Coral Sea stylish geometric wall tiles use the latest 3D inkjet printing technology, printing technology to achieve the uneven texture on the surface of the tiles, the stylish three-dimensional visual art effect, in a simple and ingenious form, fully show the fashion Charm.

The product glaze usage rate is as high as 98%, which has the characteristics of clean and environmental protection. The volley printing technology used in the process, with 7 inspection processes and 16 production processes, and precision grinding with the machine tool, well presents the high-end quality like the piano paint surface.

Editor's comment: The recommended product, the biggest feature is the irregular geometric shape, the simple contrast with black and white, which creates a noble and fashionable modern atmosphere in the bathroom without losing the young personality.

Recommended products: Mabang VS29 glass crystal mosaic

Reference price: 25.90 yuan / piece

Marbon VS29 Glass Crystal Mosaic, the product adopts European-style hot styles to match the style, exquisite grain elements, covering a variety of different textures of glass and polished stone, not only rich and beautiful, but also European-style simple fashion element.

The product material of the mosaic is built with the pearl powder technology. Compared with the effect created by the printing process, pearlescent powder has a stronger gloss and is more delicate in texture.

Editor's comment: Traditional mosaics are slightly ordinary and boring in terms of expression, and there are not many features in the use of indoor walls. This mosaic tile takes the delicate attention of glass and the natural beauty of stone into a perfect expression of the individual elements of modern interior design.

Recommended products: Dongpeng tiles Bentley floor tiles

Reference price: 78.95 yuan / piece

Dongpeng tiles Bentley floor tiles have modern and simple corrugated fashion patterns, and are equipped with three different blue and gray tones in a strong modern style. In the bathroom, the floor is as clean as the ocean, and the individual patterns are also bathroom The spatial texture brings a different visual tone.

The product inherits the production technology and process indicators of vitrified bricks, and also presents a strong anti-skid effect with a super-strong friction coefficient. The product characteristics of the complete vitrification of the blank glaze can make the texture hard and dense, and the appearance is consistent.

Editor's comment: Dongpeng ceramic tile Bentley floor tiles, belonging to the series of Dongpeng Dream House antique bricks, combined with internationally renowned design masters, perfectly integrated European romanticism and ceramic tiles, presenting a home furnishings Different artistic quality.

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