Analysis of hydraulic elements of sewage pipeline

When the circular sewage pipe is not full flow, the hydraulic element sewage drainage pipe, due to the requirements of ventilation and explosion prevention and in order to adapt to the change of sewage flow, to avoid the overflow of large flow sewage, the design of full flow is not allowed, and a certain space must be reserved above the pipe. The ratio of the water depth in the pipe (indicated by h) to the pipe diameter (indicated by d) is called the fullness (indicated by u). When the pipeline is not full, the hydraulic elements of all sections change with the fullness, and the fullness is a function of the center angle (denoted by 0).

At present, the commonly used sewage pipes are silicon pipes and reinforced silicon pipes. When the clean water flow passes, erosion and siltation will not occur, but generally speaking, the sewage contains more solid particles, which may occur when the solid particles flow through the pipe Scouring or siltation, therefore, when calculating and designing the sewage pipeline, the maximum allowable flow rate and the minimum allowable flow rate in the pipeline must be considered. Because the flow rate is too large, the pipeline wall and the bottom of the pipeline will be damaged by scouring. Flow rate means that if this allowable value is exceeded, flushing will begin.

In the design of sewage pipelines, due to the limitations of natural conditions or other factors, such as when the sewage pipeline is going to cross the river, the sewage of the pipeline will fill the pipeline, and the pipeline must withstand the pressure. At this time, the flow of sewage can be considered as a known condition , Then the average flow velocity of the drainage pipe of a certain shape is the function to be obtained. If the determination of the roughness coefficient is relatively simple, it is sufficient to check the relevant specifications according to the sewage pipe used, or it can also be obtained by doing experiments indoors; as for the specific drop of the sewage pipe, it needs to be determined according to the natural geographical conditions.

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