Spring wardrobe maintenance keeps the room ventilated and dry

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Spring has arrived, for the home improvement people, the maintenance of spring wardrobe products should also be put on the agenda. So how do you maintain the spring wardrobe?

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Spring wardrobe maintenance keeps the room ventilated and dry

One: to maintain a ventilated and dry environment. Frequently keeping indoor ventilation, the indoor humid air can be exchanged with the outdoor, and the chemical substances in the wooden wardrobe can be volatilized as far as possible to the outside. It is common practice to open windows or doors frequently to make air convection or Air conditioning system and ventilation system are adopted.

Two: The wardrobe should be placed smoothly to ensure the use of the wardrobe and to prevent damage to the wardrobe structure. If the wardrobe is placed, it is often in a state of shaking and unstable, and the fastener will be loosened for a long time. The joint part or the connecting piece is loosened, and the bonding part is cracked, which affects the service life of the wardrobe. If the ground is not flat, be sure to lay the bottom of the wardrobe. Especially when using the chair, it is necessary to make the legs of the wardrobe stable. Otherwise, it will not only affect the comfort of the chair, but also damage the chair.


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