Lip care is also important

How to choose a lipstick is also a knowledge, not every one is suitable for you.

Lip protection: How to choose lipstick?

IN: To pay more attention to ingredient safety and moisture

Because of long-term makeup, incomplete unloading, and high work pressure, the lip lines of mature women begin to deepen, and they are more prone to dry cracking. Anti-drying and anti-aging have become the first lip problems to be solved.

OUT: "No fade" long-lasting lipstick

Although they are extremely durable and not easy to fade, the makeup time is saved, but the shortness of drying after application makes the burden on the lips bigger, so it should be eliminated from your cosmetic bag as soon as possible.

Lip protection: How to choose lipstick?

IN: Red lipstick is more attractive

Whether it is light pink or red, they can make your lip color and makeup, clothing a wild, skin is relatively white, you can choose orange series, and pink can enhance the brightness of dull skin.

OUT: Purple and brown are unattractive

For young girls who like trendy, a special color lipstick can show their flamboyant personality, but for mature people, you must avoid this "grotesque" color that lacks feminine charm. >>>6 skin care tips, more attractive

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