The status quo of the development of the domestic joint printing market

Joint printing is not a new business model. There were sporadic attempts in the mainland about 10 years ago. Taiwan Jianhao Printing Co., Ltd. has achieved great success in the field of combined printing in Taiwan Province. It can be described as the "king" of combined printing. Under its encouragement, in recent years, combined printing has ushered in a small development in the mainland. The climax, but there are both joys and worries in this market. It is also the "leader" of combined printing in Taiwan Province. Taiwan Baisha Technology Printing Co., Ltd., which entered the mainland in 2001, withdrew from the combined printing market in the Mainland in the second half of 2013, while Jianhao and Tianjin Evergreen in 2013 In cooperation with Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., Tianjin Evergreen Jianhaoyun Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the Mainland as a joint venture, hoping to do more in the combined printing market in the Mainland. So, what is the situation in China's domestic printing market?

In recent years, the traditional printing industry market has become saturated, and the orders received by various printing companies have gradually decreased. Under fierce competition, printing companies are facing the dilemma of falling profits. The combination printing can take full advantage of the effective printing area of ​​the offset printing machine and share the printing cost together, which has attracted the attention of printing companies.
From a geographical point of view, joint printing enterprises are mainly concentrated in major cities in South China, East China and North China. Dense population, sufficient living resources, convenient logistics and fierce competition in the printing market are important for the development of joint printing in these regions. the reason. Henan Province is an important railway transportation hub in China and one of the most populous provinces in the country. Its capital city, Zhengzhou, can be described as a model for the development of joint printing in northern cities. Since the introduction of combined printing concepts and business models in 2008, many commercial printing companies have taken the lead in entering this market, and quickly found out a relatively mature pricing, order, production and logistics distribution system, which has a high Profit, but the good times are not long, except for a few companies that can rely on the Internet to make their own features, such as Henan Shanda Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Henan Jinqiu Color Printing Co., Ltd., etc. Survival predicament, the gross profit margin is only about 5%. Zhengzhou is just a microcosm of the intaglio printing market in the Mainland. The "Zhengzhou phenomenon" of intaglio printing is actually not an example in the Mainland. "At present, although the scale of the inline printing market in the mainland is constantly expanding, the profit margin is getting smaller and smaller." Said Chen Hongliang, product manager of Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd.
From the perspective of production scale, the main force of combined printing is definitely small and medium-sized printing companies with annual turnover of one million to ten million yuan. In recent years, due to the pressure of transformation, there have also been a few printings with annual turnover of 100 million yuan. The big players set foot in this market, and began to explore multi-regional chain, cross-regional marketing model, one after another to form a national chain printing system. Still taking Henan Province as an example, there are only a few of the large-scale printing companies in Henan, such as Shanda Color Printing, Golden Autumn Color Printing, etc. However, the combined printing market of these enterprises only accounts for 5% to 10% of the Henan combined printing market With a share of over 90%, the Henan combined printing market is occupied by small integrated printing companies. In addition, the reporter also noticed a phenomenon that most of the companies that have succeeded in offset printing regard it as their main business. Even if they also do other businesses, most of the companies will set up a separate offset printing company and operate independently. The person in charge of a combined printing enterprise in Henan explained this way: "If the human, financial and material resources of a printing enterprise are not focused, it is easy to cause the capital chain to break, and the requirement for combined printing is short and the production efficiency is high. This is the same as the operation of ordinary printing business. The modes are completely different and difficult to be compatible. "

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