Machine tool industry began to test "cloud services"

With the trend of listed companies in emerging fields such as TMT "getting better," listed companies in the traditional manufacturing sector have also begun to attract institutional attention, especially in some traditional industries that are combined with new trends such as the Internet. At the 8th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition held yesterday, Shenyang Machine Tool and Huazhong CNC introduced their innovative products in the field of machine tools, which attracted the attention of many investors.

Shenyang Machine Tool released the latest "i5 series of intelligent machine tools". A staff member of the company's related business department told reporters that the biggest feature of the series is that it is equipped with an i5 system and relies on the Internet to achieve intelligent calibration, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent control, and intelligent management. When working, the i5 series intelligent machine tool will automatically correct according to the size requirements of the processed parts to achieve high precision in processing. Once a failure occurs, the machine tool itself can automatically alarm.

"Combined with our online factory App, as a workshop manager, as long as you are in a networked environment, you can know the working status of each machine tool in the workshop, and you can master the tools you use." The staff also It said that the application of the new system greatly reduced the difficulty of modeling, data processing, cost management and control. "Our data statistics can show the work, failure, and offline time of each machine tool, such as the work of certain machine tools in a workshop. If the time is too short, there is a problem with the pipeline planning. "

Regarding the reasons for the development of this series of machine tools, the staff member said that rising labor costs are an urgent problem faced by all Chinese companies. "We move the production line to Vietnam. What is the next step? Will we move to Mars in the end?" On the one hand, he is not cold about the concept of "unmanned factory" popular in Europe and America in recent years. "Unmanned factory is indeed very powerful, but there are two major deficiencies. The factory ratio. The i5 series is based on the Chinese market with insufficient mature labor, and focuses on the convenience of operation. "

Shenyang Machine Tool has high hopes for the i5 series of intelligent machine tools. According to the data from the press conference, there were 200 large orders for small-scale promotion last year. "This year is the main product of the company. It is expected to get orders for 5000 units. The i5 series machine tools can also participate in the company's" machine tool trade-in "campaign . "

An institutional person present told reporters that the company clearly wanted to expand the market share of new machine tools through machine tool substitutions.

Coincidentally, Huazhong CNC also aimed at the replacement demand for machine tool replacement. The company launched the "Cloud CNC" system yesterday. According to reports, the system can greatly improve the use of machine tools after loading a few modules such as CNC systems and servo motors. In the process of collecting processing data, not only can analyze the use of machine tools and processing status, but also can optimize the process, improve processing efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, Cloud CNC also has terminal-based telematics services. According to the company, the system is also aimed at processing companies, machine tool manufacturers and CNC manufacturers.

In addition, these two companies are also related to robots. The staff of Shenyang Machine Tool made it clear that the company has basically overcome all technical difficulties in robot production and is preparing to formally enter the field in the near future. "We are trying to build a win-win ecosystem of robots, machine tools and workers."

Huazhong CNC, which focuses on the field of CNC, directly has the production capacity of key components for robots. It is worth noting that recently, the four major international robot giants of ABB, KUKA, Anchuan and FANUC have rushed to China and strengthened their respective layouts. According to statistics, their market share in China has accounted for 55%.

Earlier, reporters from the Shanghai Securities Exchange found through the investor interaction platform that with the recovery of the industry boom, after the holiday, institutional investors took advantage of the trend to extend the research tentacles into several major subdivisions in the manufacturing industry and explore opportunities for manufacturing transformation. "Yesterday, TMT concept stocks represented by Wangsu Technology fell to a large extent, which may reflect changes in institutional tastes." A senior investor told reporters.

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