Four high-grade ceramic tiles recommended for creating a noble texture

Recommended products: L & D Amazon LFH8563 microcrystalline glazed panel tiles

Reference price: 614.40 yuan / piece

The L & D Amazon LFH8563 microcrystalline glazed slab tile is textured with natural and elegant fault stone surfaces, and has different colors for mixing and matching. It is suitable for high-end villas or luxuriously decorated living rooms.

The product is an AA-class premium product with a standard size of 800 * 800. It is built in the noble craft style of microcrystalline glazed plate, which can form a very excellent luxury style.

Editor's comment: L & D Amazon LFH8563 microcrystalline glazed slab tiles are used in the process of product style creation, with the texture of natural majestic faulted rocks as a match, and the processing technology of microcrystalline glazed slab can create a This is a grand luxury.

Recommended products: Nobel Stone Museum R80378 microcrystalline brick

Reference price: 887.80 yuan / piece

The Nobel Famous Stone Museum R80378 microcrystalline brick draws on the design inspiration of Turkish natural stone "super beige", which gives people the characteristics of natural elegance, conciseness, and smoothness. The natural light yellow color gives people a realistic feeling of stone patterns.

The ceramic tiles are specially selected from Spain and Italy, and the composite technology of secondary firing under-glaze color glass-ceramics is adopted. The longer firing time can effectively make the color transparency of the tiles reach 98% of the crystal clear texture.

Editor's comment: The appearance of Nobel Stone Museum R80378 microcrystalline brick is softer and more comfortable in appearance, and the pure texture like jade is a good match for the romantic and warm atmosphere in the living room.

The Marco Polo Corestone I generation permeable brick is a product very close to the original stone. It has a natural texture, an atmospheric shape, and a rich color, which greatly magnifies the natural texture in marble.

The product uses refined full-glazed glaze, and uses multiple ultra-flat glaze technology, the perfect combination of full-polished technology and nano anti-fouling technology to achieve the upgrade of the texture and color of the core rock.

Editor's comment: The Marco Polo core rock I generation permeable brick is made of natural and realistic stone texture derived from geological research. The stone texture is light and has such a sparkling feeling, which can bring a fresh and gorgeous style to the living room. .

Recommended products: Dongpeng ceramic tile FG805303 Yunhai jade glazed tile

Reference price: 106.80 yuan / piece

Dongpeng ceramic tile FG805303 Yunhai jade polished glazed tile is a crystal porcelain product of Dongpeng ceramic tile crystallographic series. The appearance texture is fresh and elegant like jade. Between each texture, there is the beauty of blooming like petals.

The product is built with crystal and porcelain composite technology. Crystal particles and ceramics are fused to form a one-stone two-body composite stone. The jade texture has a transparent and solid texture. The texture is natural and smooth, and the texture is delicate and delicate.

Editor's comment: Dongpeng ceramic tile FG805303 Yunhai jade glazed brick has both a log-like warmness and a stone-like thickness in appearance. Under the crystal-clear and translucent feeling, it can create a very elegant and noble atmosphere in the living room.

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