10 clear water wooden whole cabinets modern minimalist kitchen

Natural materials are the long-lasting choice of simple space. In modern home decoration, the natural beauty of Qingshui wood is still widely loved. The fresh, clear water wood cabinets make the greasy kitchen more clean and elegant, full of woody natural charm. Almost versatile color schemes make wood cabinets more soluble in various styles of kitchen. Xiaobian recommends 10 pieces of clear water wood for the whole cabinet, together to create an elegant simple modern kitchen!


L-shaped whole cabinet, the corner position as a bar with a stylish chandelier, forming an independent light meal area. The delicate lines of the wooden door panels are filled with natural beauty, making the whole kitchen elegant and quiet.


The cabinets and hoods are also decorated with wood to make the overall kitchen style and tone more uniform. Green plants have been added to the corners to make the fresh and natural feeling more prominent.

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