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Magneto Magnets started in 1998 and successively established Shanghai Sheng Magnetic Magnet Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Sheng Magnetic Magnet Co., Ltd., and Fuzhou Sheng Magnetic Magnet Co., Ltd., which are currently the most competitive high-performance magnet manufacturers in China.

Shengli Magnet has more than ten years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and service of magnets. It has hundreds of well-known brand customers all over the world, distributed in various industries, and has formed strategic alliances with major raw material bases in the country. The permanent magnet materials research experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences are technologies. Support, provide large enterprise customers with magnets with professional grades and specifications such as super-strength NdFeB, high-temperature magnets, precision magnetic devices and other magnets, applied to high-tech fields such as machinery, electronics and new energy. With superb craftsmanship, especially high-performance magnetic force and high-precision processing and other strengths unparalleled industry.

Shengmag has established a leading position in the industry by introducing global high-end equipment, mature technology and quality management system to ensure the quality and performance of each product, reduce the purchase cost of customers.

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Horse Halter With Polar Fleece

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