Direct cold wine cooler vs air-cooled wine cooler

Cold wine cabinet: The direct-cooling compressor wine cabinet is a natural heat conduction cooling method. The natural convection of the surface of the evaporator is low, and the temperature inside the box is lowered, so that the temperature difference in the tank tends to be uniform, but the temperature cannot be completely uniform, and the distance from the cold source is close. The temperature of the part is low, and the temperature away from the cold source point is high. The direct-cooling compressor wine cabinet is relatively quiet compared to the air-cooled compressor wine cabinet due to less fan agitation.

Air-cooled wine cabinet: The air-cooled compressor wine cooler separates the cold source from the air inside the box, and blows the cold air from the cold source with a fan to the tank and stirs it. The built-in fan promotes air flow and virtuous circulation, ensuring uniform and stable temperature in different spaces in the wine cabinet.

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