Distinguishing method of broad bean and rosewood

Widely changed beans, belonging to the genus of the genus Butterfly. Since the appearance and density of the broad-rooted bean are similar to those of the red rosewood, the domestic market calls it the Central American white rose, which is easily confused with the red and rosewood, but it is a good way to distinguish it from the rosewood. The water soaking solution of the broad-grained bean wood emits blue fluorescence under ultraviolet light irradiation, and the rosewood does not have such a reaction, and it is easy to separate the two. In addition, after some broad-leaved bean saws are unraveled, the color turns purple-black under the sunlight, which is similar to the appearance of rosewood, which is easy to be confused. The simple method is to put the two kinds of wood into small beakers, red sandalwood. The wood water extract has a pale blue fluorescence under natural light, while the broad bean has no fluorescence.

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