Mini medical electronic vital signs monitoring chip costs only $ 0.25

Vital sign monitoring equipment used in medical treatment is usually very expensive, and the equipment is very large. But now this situation seems to be hopefully improved, a new type of sensor is being developed, and its small degree can even be easily embedded in the bandage. This microchip was designed by electrical engineers at Oregon State University, and has been fully prepared for clinical trials, and patents are pending.

The size and thinness of this system-on-chip device are basically similar to a stamp. Of course, the battery is not included, but the design of the power supply for this sensor is like this: the device can be sent by any mobile phone Driven by radio frequency energy, it can receive this energy within a range of 4.5 meters. Of course, Other devices other than mobile phones that emit radio frequencies can also be used. The researchers said that in theory, even people's body heat or kinetic energy is enough to drive this product.

Dr. Patrick Chiang, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Oregon State University, said: "This application, which has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), will be jointly opened by suppliers Corventis and iRhythm. The previously designed solution is in size It is five times larger than the final solution, and because of the heavy battery relationship. This design will also have similar products such as sports tracking devices or heart rate meters in the future consumer market. "

At present, consumer-level monitoring equipment with similar functions on the market generally costs $ 100 or more, and this new product is thrown out after use. According to the Oregon Online report, the cost is only $ 0.25. In addition, this design is also useful in other fields, such as the use of electroencephalogram signals, and is also useful for clinics that treat dementia.

Dr. Chiang also said: "The dramatic reduction of product specifications to such size, weight and cost is very helpful for medical treatment, health care and disease prevention."

The research was recently demonstrated at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference in San Jose, California. Oregon State University also said that this development will be extended to other areas in the future, and product development work with more partners.


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