Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UPLCTM): redefining liquid chromatography

The ability of separation science has entered a new space and time with the first successful use of small particles to obtain amazing separation capabilities. This new chromatographic field, the so-called ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UPLCTM), provides higher efficiency compared to traditional HPLC technology, and therefore has a stronger separation capability. As the world's first commercial UPLCTM product, Waters ACQUITY UPLCTM ultra-high performance liquid chromatography system, using innovative technology for overall design, has greatly improved the resolution, sample throughput and sensitivity of liquid chromatography. The commercialization of UPLCTM is a huge advancement in separation science and technology, and liquid chromatography has entered a new era.

The small heat shrinking film packing machine is suitable for dinnerware, cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and other products of the bundle packaging, meanwhile can also be used for a small box ,carton, wood, steel, building materials, ceramics, household appliances, computers and other kinds of product packaging.

Standard Thermo Shrink Tunnel Packing Machine

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